Jenelle Evans: I'm Gonna Become a Model and Return to TV in 2020!

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The coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread economic anxiety, as people all over the world have been laid off or forced to shut down their businesses for the foreseeable future.

However, Jenelle Evans isn't worried.

You would think she would be, considering it's been almost a year since she got fired from Teen Mom 2, and she has three kids to support with no visible means of income.

But if you think Jenelle is out there filling out job applications like some chump, you've got another thing coming.

No, despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Jenelle still thinks she's an A-list star with a bright future in the world of media and entertainment.

And amazingly, she vocalizes this belief in public without a shred of embarrassment.

Take a look:

1. Big Dreams

Big Dreams
Jenelle Evans believes this is the year that she'll return to TV and launch her modeling career.

2. Fat Chance

Fat Chance
It sounds like a joke, but it appears that the mother of three is serious about these ambitions.

3. Untouchable

These days, Jenelle can't keep a sponsorship deal to save her life, as companies who make the mistake of working with her are quickly alerted to her long history of abuse, violence, and bigotry.

4. Her TV Days Are Done

Her TV Days Are Done
So you can be damn sure no TV network will take a chance on structuring a show around Jenelle, or even putting her on camera for a split second.

5. Good Luck With That

Good Luck With That
Regardless, Evans remains convinced that 2020 will be the year in which she triumphantly returns to television AND launches her career as a runway model.

6. The What?

The What?
Jenelle appeared on something called the Dumb Blonde Podcast this week (hey, we guess she needs whatever exposure she can get these days!), and she eagerly opened up about her plans for the future during her 30-minute interview.

7. Phoning It In

Phoning It In
Jenelle literally phoned in her interview (that coronavirus is no joke), and when the host asked about what 2020 holds in store, Evans revealed that she's very optimistic about the months to come.

8. The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid
"I'll possibly be on TV again," Evans said. "We'll see what happens after April."

9. High Hopes

High Hopes
Jenelle's contract with MTV includes a non-compete clause, which expires in April, so that's when she'll be eligible to strike a deal with a new network.

10. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
But something tells us that when TV production resumes (which probably won't happen until at least May), Jenelle's name won't be high on the list of stars that producers are dying to work with.

11. Major Facepalm

Major Facepalm
"Counting down the days!" Evans said of her planned return to TV. Apparently buying into the BS that Jenelle's got a deal lined up, the interviewer suggested that she and Evans should have a celebratory drink on the first of the month.

12. Always Hustling (And Avoiding Real Work)

Always Hustling (And Avoiding Real Work)
Asked what else she has in store Jenelle replied, "I guess keep my YouTube updated in the meantime."

13. Our Greatest Literary Genius

Our Greatest Literary Genius
"I've been writing blogs on my website," Evans adds, prompting the interviewer to ask if she's ever thought of writing a book.

14. You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You Can't Make This Stuff Up
"I have!" Jenelle responds. "My first book came out about three years ago. It's called ..." but then the interview starts to go south, as Jenelle is unable to remember THE TITLE OF THE BOOK SHE SUPPOSEDLY WROTE!!!

15. Comic Gold

Comic Gold
Needless to say, Jenelle critics on Twitter delighted in that particular moment.

16. Dragging Babs In

Dragging Babs In
"I was thinking of doing another book with my mom," added Jenelle, who's apparently back on speaking terms with her mother. "Mother-daughter advice, maybe, or something like that."

17. We Didn't See That One Coming

We Didn't See That One Coming
"What else can we expect from you? Are you gonna get into modeling?" the host asks. "Yeah, I've been trying to," Jenelle responded, much to the surprise of many fans.

18. The Thirst For Insta-Fame

The Thirst For Insta-Fame
"Trying to build my Instagram, get up like a portfolio, basically," Evans added.

19. Come Again?

Come Again?
Fans were surprised -- and a little perplexed -- largely because Evans never expressed any interest in modeling before.

20. Is ... Is She Serious?

Is ... Is She Serious?
"Focus my Instagram on myself," Jenelle added as she continued to list her plans for the future. But it wasn't as surprising as what happened next.

21. Crazy Stuff

Crazy Stuff
"And not solely about the kids, or solely about my relationship, but like, what I'm solely up to," Evans added. "Because I keep telling myself that it's MY Instagram."

22. Self-Obsessed

Anyone who knows anything about Jenelle knows that she thinks SOLELY (her new favorite word, apparently) about herself at all times.

23. Conflicting Desires

Conflicting Desires
Hearing her say she wants to ramp up her web presence and focus more of her posts on herself is pretty bonkers. Especially since Jenelle complains in the next breath that Internet trolls are ruining her life.

24. A Relatable Complaint

A Relatable Complaint
“Sometimes it gets to you really bad," Evans says of her critics. Asked if it's caused her any anxiety or depression, Jenelle replies, “Definitely, and a lot lately.”

25. Best Wishes

Best Wishes
Obviously, we don't like to hear that anyone is being bullied or suffering from anxiety or depression, but Jenelle will always be a controversial figure due to her decade of very public violence and abusive behavior. Which is why she should take this opportunity to step away from the spotlight and focus SOLELY on her health and happiness.

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