Jenelle Evans: It's True, I'm Back with David — And We're Getting Jace Back, Too!

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For a couple of months now, everyone's been speculating that Jenelle Evans is back with David Eason.

Or, well, it started out as speculation, but now it's pretty much just a fact that everyone knows but they won't acknowledge.

But our girl Jenelle has just uploaded a brand new Q&A to her YouTube account, and in the video, she directly explains what's going on with David.

She also gives tons and tons of info about her post-Teen Mom life.

So let's get into it!

1. Well, Jenelle ...

Well, Jenelle ...
A couple of months ago, Jenelle did a Q&A for her YouTube account, remember?

2. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
She asked her Instagram followers to send her a bunch of questions about her life, and she compiled them so she could answer them in a video. That's how Q&As work.

3. Gross

But since then, a lot of things have changed. For example, she's no longer living in Nashville -- she's back in North Carolina full-time, which means she's also back with David.

4. By All Means!

By All Means!
But let's let her speak for herself, OK?

5. Oh Hey Girl

The most popular questions were about a few specific topics: David, her career, and this whole pandemic situation.

6. And We're Off!

And We're Off!
She jumps around a bit, but let's just follow her lead.

7. What a Relief

What a Relief
The first question was from someone who wanted to know how she and her family are "surviving the quarantine" -- somewhat surprisingly, she said that everyone is staying put on The Land and practicing social distancing.

8. Oh No

Oh No
Next, someone acted like it's 2015 and asked her about getting custody of Jace from her mother, and here's where it starts to get interesting.

9. Why Though

Why Though
"I am slowly trying to convince her, once again, to just let Jace live with me so I don't have to take her to court," she said of her mother.

10. Ugh

"It costs a lot of money," she explained, "everyone has to testify on the stand when you go to custody court, and that's not fun and I don't want to throw dirt back and forth between both of us and I would just like to settle it civilly."

11. Hmm

It's strange, because when their custody arrangement was settled a few years ago, it was permanent -- Barbara got permanent custody of Jace, and generally the only way that can be changed is if something major happens. But we'll see what happens, we suppose.

12. Interesting!

One fun question she got was about Amber Portwood -- someone asked if she was angry that MTV let her go but kept Amber on the show.

13. Fair

"Honestly, it bothers me," she admitted. "I think that it's very unfair, and I didn't really do anything wrong, so we'll leave it at that."

14. Well ...

Well ...
That's not exactly true -- she did stay with David after he killed her dog, and even after she temporarily lost custody of her children, so her refusal to leave him seemed to be what ultimately cost her her job. But still, it is pretty wild that Amber's still on the show.

15. Nooooo

Finally, she got to the big question -- "Are you back with David?"

16. A Real Shocker

A Real Shocker
"Yes," she finally revealed. "Me and him are deciding to work things out right now, and we're taking it slowly."

17. A Real Disappointment

A Real Disappointment
"Yes, I know I came back to North Carolina. Yes, I'm living here permanently now. The reason why I came back to North Carolina is because I cannot afford rent and a mortgage."

18. Huh?

She said there's more room for the kids at the house than there was in Nashville, and that Kaiser and Ensley missed all their animals, which is a heck of a reason to go back to your abusive husband, but sure, OK.

19. Right, Right

Right, Right
She got some questions about TV shows and some questions that were mostly repeats -- she said again that she's back in North Carolina full-time, and that she's back with David -- and then someone asked if David had actually changed.

20. Suuuure

Jenelle said that "A lot of things have changed. Me and him have decided to just try to remain positive, no matter what, and if we have an issue we really need to talk it out."

21. OK

"I wanna tell you guys that David has never abused the children, he's never abused me," she claimed. OK, SIS.

22. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
All those things she said in court to get that restraining order were lies, we guess. And those horrific 911 calls were just misunderstandings. Oh, and the dog murder thing? SO not a big deal.

23. Whatever You Say, Girl

Whatever You Say, Girl
"We've always had disagreements, and those would turn into big arguments," she said, "and this is the reason why I decided to go back home and work out my relationship, because ultimately it's for my family."

24. Lies?

There are about a billion things wrong with that, but let's just carry on, all right?

25. Nathan Time

Nathan Time
On the topic of co-parenting with Nathan Griffith, Jenelle said that things were going "fine," although he hasn't seen Kaiser much since they moved back to North Carolina, but they have been FaceTiming.

26. So Many Questions

So Many Questions
She answered a question about cows (she wants to get one for The Land) and British food (she wants to try it, and she wants to go to England also), but of course David came back up again.

27. WHAT?!

Someone asked how they got back together and you know what she said? She said "When I was in Tennessee, I'm not gonna lie, I contacted David first and I told him, I said 'I'm sorry.'"

28. Ridiculous

He asked her why she was sorry, and she told him that she thought they "just ended things abruptly and I think we need to try to work things out for our family and our marriage."

29. What a Mess

What a Mess
He agreed, and "So once we started talking again, he did come visit two or three times, and when he did, before I moved back to North Carolina, I told him 'Things have got to change. We cannot be so unhappy, we have got to start communicating with each other about our problems, and we have to sort it out, and we can't let the same thing keep happening, or the same topic for an argument keep occurring."

30. Inconceivable

So she left David, went to a whole new state, got an apartment, got a restraining order, and after all that she just called him up and asked him to give it another go? Can you IMAGINE?!

31. Oh Really?

Oh Really?
She took another David break to tell us all that she has a new project coming up! She doesn't know if it's going to air on television or if it'll go up on YouTube, but either way she's definitely going to keep making her own videos and she definitely isn't going to be involed with Teen Mom 2.

32. Enough, Please

Enough, Please
Another question about David -- this time, she said that she was so unhappy that the only thing to do was to leave, but when she did, she realized that wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to work things out because she wanted her kids to be happy, and she didn't want another failed marriage.

33. Virus Thoughts

Virus Thoughts
She then compared Covid-19 to the flu, except "maybe a little less." But she said again that she's staying home and she's keeping the kids home, so that's nice.

34. ... For Real?

... For Real?
One of the questions was about all those sponsorships she's been losing -- there have been a few times recently that she's made a sponsored post on social media, people flooded the company's social media with complaints, and her post was pulled.

35. Classic

"I know that everyone's heard lately that I've been losing sponsorships," she said. "I haven't been losing them, I've been kindly taking down my posts because they just asked me to. Did I have to? No. Was I fired? No."

36. Jenelle in Nashville

Jenelle in Nashville
Jenelle Evans poses for a photo while out and about in Nashville.

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