Mackenzie McKee: I'm Single (Again) and Going Into Hiding

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Mackenzie McKee is going into hiding.

Because she's being safe and responsible and practicing social distancing in the face of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Not quite.

In a surprising Instagram update, the Teen Mom OG cast member says she is NOT living with husband Josh, despite the pair seemingly reconciling  back in October.

What happened?

And how is McKee dealing with this latest blow to her personal life?

Scroll down to learn a lot more about what is going on with her...

1. Don't Let This Look Deceive You

Don't Let This Look Deceive You
Mackenzie McKee looks very happy in this photo. But she shared it along with the news that she is, once again, a single mother.

2. Wait, What? How Did This Happen?!?

Wait, What? How Did This Happen?!?
Last season on Teen Mom OG, McKee witnessed Josh cozying up to other women and seemingly misleading his wife about his actions. Mackenzie watched and came to the conclusion that Josh was cheating on her.

3. See Ya, Loser!

See Ya, Loser!
"I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break," Mackenzie tweeted on Friday, August 16, adding in this message: "My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you."

4. Pure Devastation

Pure Devastation
“We were truly best friends. It’s all just devastating," McKee told followers around this time.

5. Down with Josh!

Down with Josh!
“Turns out, Josh is not a good man whatsoever,” the Teen Mom OG star later told Us Weekly. “Watching the show and catching him in lies, seeing how independent he is, I realize I deserve better.”


“I have fought for this marriage for many years, and lately, I’ve really opened my eyes to what a horrible person he is," she even added toward the end of summer 2019.

7. The Split Didn't Last Long, However

The Split Didn't Last Long, However
In October, not only did Josh and Mackenzie get back together... but the former got down on one knee and proposed -- again! -- to the latter!

8. What a Roller Coaster!

What a Roller Coaster!
We know, right?!? “We found our way back to each other even when we thought it was impossible,” Mackenzie gushed to People Magazine in a special feature that went live, and immediately viral, on October 24. “I fell in love with a new man.”

9. This Really Happened?!?

This Really Happened?!?
It sure did. McKee explained to this People that Josh got down on one knee and asked for her hand for a second time. “Our marriage has always needed fixing. It’s always needed help,” she said this fall, adding that there has been infidelity in the past on both sides. “I had been angry with him for a long time and had never really forgiven him for the past.”

10. The Couple Has 3 Kids...

The Couple Has 3 Kids...
... and we thought they were back together when the new season of Teen Mom OG kicked off on March 17, 2020. Alas, we were apparently mistaken.

11. What is Going On?!?

What is Going On?!?
We'll leave it to Mackenzie to share: 'As many of you know, @teenmom premiere airs tonight," she wrote on social media this week. 'Last year was a year I never imagined would happen to me. My heart was shattered into pieces, I learned more about life and myself In 6 months than in all 25 years of life."

12. Meaning What, Exactly?

Meaning What, Exactly?
McKee is referring to her initial separation last year from Josh, but also to the most painful experience of all: The death of her mother.

13. RIP, Angie Douthat

RIP, Angie Douthat
Mackenzie's brave mother lost her battle with cancer, after two challenging/inspiring years, in December. McKee has been very open about the trauma of it ever since.

14. It Can Be Too Much to Handle

It Can Be Too Much to Handle
Continued Mackenzie in her new post: "I lost my very best friend in a time I needed her most. Some days I feel like I will die of a broken heart. Some days I want to hide in a dark hole and never come out because of complete public humiliation."

15. Goodbye, Everyone... Sort Of

Goodbye, Everyone... Sort Of
"I have deactivated my Twitter for mental health reasons and will not be watching this season," she wrote of these new Teen Mom OG episodes. "I am still trying to crawl out of last year and to have to relive it all over again is something I don’t think I can conquer."

16. Danger Ahead?!?

Danger Ahead?!?
McKee went on to tease some drama ahead in her marriage, stating for the record: "For joshes sake and what I know will be shown, I am here to say that I have not been a perfect wife throughout the years and have made several unfaithful mistakes as now has he. I am choosing at this time to live alone, focus on my kids, my business, and growing closer to God."

17. Mackenzie and Joshua McKee

Mackenzie and Joshua McKee
Continued Mackenzie in more personal detail: "I have let the public control how i think of Josh and the choices i make and for the sake of us, i choose to stay away from reading social media. I know God has my life in the palm of his hands and has a beautiful bright future ahead if i just stay faithful to him. I know my earthly rewards will one day not matter and from here I live to please God for I know my heavenly reward will be worth it."

18. Prayers Up, Please

Prayers Up, Please
Concluded the Teen Mom, who is clearly struggling: "I ask all prayer warriors pray for me as this show publicly airs the hardest year of my life. That people learn from me and connect so it was worth it. And if there is a next season. I promise you will see me come out on top."

19. Will We Still See Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG?

Will We Still See Mackenzie on Teen Mom OG?
Yes. The show airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV. McKee herself just won't be watching.

20. We Wish Her the Best

We Wish Her the Best
Love her or dislike her, Mackenzie is very obviously going through a lot here. We hope she comes out stronger on the other side of it.

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