Jenelle Evans: Officially Fired from Teen Mom 2 After Husband Murders Dog?!

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It's been a bad week for Jenelle Evans.

Well, a bad week, a bad year, a bad lifetime ... 

But you know what we're getting at here.

On April 29th, David Eason killed her dog, Nugget, by beating it then shooting it with a shotgun.

And after that, everything pretty much fell apart.

It's probably safe to say that if Jenelle lost her job on Teen Mom 2, things would somehow get even worse for her.

But, well, here we are.

1. What a Week

What a Week
It's been almost a week now since David killed Jenelle's dog, so let's go ahead and do a quick little timeline, OK?

2. So Wrong

So Wrong
On Monday, we know that David shot Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, Nugget, and he claimed he did it because it bit Ensley.

3. Oh No

Oh No
Jenelle herself admitted that "hit" the dog before chasing it into the woods and shooting it with a shotgun, but reliable sources have alleged that he beat the dog so badly that when he came back in the house, he was "covered in blood."

4. Understandable

Jenelle has been devastated about losing her dog, and she left home to go stay with her longtime friend Jamie Wilshire in Kentucky.

5. Yes Please

Yes Please
She's been so upset that she's made several statements about how divorce is a possibility.

6. Sick

Unfortunately, it seems like she's already back home with David, just like nothing ever happened.

7. Perfect

She hadn't been talking to him, but when he had a court date on Friday over child support he hadn't been paying, she answered his calls and gave him over $5,000 so he could avoid going to jail.

8. So Much for Helping

So Much for Helping
She unfollowed Jamie on Instagram, and Jamie's confirmed it's because she's back home with David.

9. Ugh

When Jenelle caught wind of that, she went on a rant about fake friends, then she went on another rant about David's ex -- the one he hadn't been paying child support -- so it's pretty clear what happened.

10. Oh

And this morning, she shared this photo on her Instagram story, proving she's home and that she and David still have animals.

11. How?!

Honestly, the whole thing is just disgusting.

12. Here's Hoping

Here's Hoping
One good thing that's happened, if you could even call it good, is that their local sherriff's department is working with animal control to investigate David for animal cruelty.

13. Really?!

Another is that Radar Online is claiming that, at long last, MTV is firing Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.

14. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
As a source tells the site, “All of the other girls have been filming season 9B for weeks. Kailyn and Leah are filming and so is Brianna but not Jenelle.”

15. Wow

Apparently she hasn't filmed anything since this season's reunion, and "Producers and crew have refused to go to North Carolina to film."

16. Fair

"They are afraid of David and his guns. And even though he's banned from filming he still shows up everywhere they film and they do not think they are safe."

17. Well ...

Well ...
Nugget's tragic death seems to be the final nail in the coffin, but according to the source, MTV made the decision to let Jenelle go back when the reunion was filmed.

18. Temper Tantrums

If you'll remember, several reports claimed that Jenelle got upset and stormed offstage multiple times at the reunion because on of the hosts, Nessa, confronted her about some offensive posts she's made on social media.

19. It's Over

Radar's insider says that "After the blowout, Jenelle and show executives had a phone call where she screamed at them for blindsiding her. They assured her that things were fine."

20. Meanwhile, in Reality ...

But "Truthfully, they were just blowing sunshine up her ass. They had already made the decision not to film with her anymore."

21. Wise Up

Wise Up
The source adds that "Jenelle doesn't know that she is getting fired," but that at this point, it "should be obvious" that that's what's happening.

22. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
However, a different source doesn't think that MTV will go through with the firing because "She is the drama for the show and David is the one that killed the dog, not her."

23. What's Happening?!

What's Happening?!
This is very true -- Jenelle is definitely great reality television, and it's hard to imagine that MTV would let her go, especially since she's not the monster who killed the poor puppy.

24. Interesting

But MTV is, of course, a business, and money is what matters -- and it seems like they've started losing a great deal of money now that several sponsors are pulling ads from the show.

25. Later, Gator

Later, Gator
Chipotle is out, having announced on Twitter “We are no longer airing our ads during episodes of Teen Mom.”

26. Bye!

Another company called Greenies tweeted “We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. We can now confirm that, as a result of this incident, our GREENIES ads will no longer run during Teen Mom programming.”

27. More and More Gone

More and More Gone
Dove Chocolate has announced “We in no way condone animal cruelty or the mistreatment of animals. We appreciate your feedback and wanted to share that we have stopped advertising on Teen Mom programming.”

28. Sorry, Girl

Sorry, Girl
Twix also responded to the controversy, writing “We in no way condone animal cruelty or the mistreatment of animals. We appreciate your feedback and wanted to share that we have stopped advertising on Teen Mom programming.”

29. Memories

Remember, when David got fired last year, it happened very soon after sponsors began reacting like this, so it's possible the same thing could happen now.

30. Then Again ...

But Jenelle is also much more important to the show than David, so she could skate by yet again.

31. Going Forward

Going Forward
We'll wait for an official statement from MTV to believe anything like this, but in the meantime ... things can't get any messier, right? Right?!

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