David Eason: Cheyenne Floyd is Racist and Needs to Be FIRED From Teen Mom!

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Back in February,  Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, was fired by MTV after hurling homophobic slurs at Teen Mom 2 fans on Twitter.

Last week, the network hired Cheyenne Floyd to replace Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG.

Those events may seem unrelated, and well, they are ... to everyone except David.

You see, Eason thinks Cheyenne is just as bigoted as he is, and he's calling on MTV execs to kick her to the curb and own up to their hypocrisy.

David recently expressed these feelings in what may be the most bonkers Teen Mom rant of all time:

1. Going Off

Going Off
Like his wife, Jenelle Evans, David is prone to expressing himself through unhinged social media tirades. And his latest is a real doozy.

2. Aggrieving Cheyenne

Aggrieving Cheyenne
It seems David takes issue with the casting of Cheyenne Floyd due to racially insensitive tweets the 25-year-old mom posted several years ago.

3. Eason Into Things

Eason Into Things
"WOW MTV I've kept my mouth shut for too long!" David began. In reality, he's never kept his mouth shut about anything, but the ensuing rant is so amusing you may want to hear him out anyway.

4. Owning the Libs

Owning the Libs
"MTV is such a hypocritical liberal network that you still keep racists, drug addicts and potential rapists on you shows as long as it meets your political beliefs?" Eason wrote.

5. Come Again?

Come Again?
At this point, David goes off on a bit of a tangent about his right to bare arms. We're sure it all made sense in his mind.

6. Locked and Loaded

Locked and Loaded
"Yet you are against gun rights which protects my family from those kind of people," David wrote. Needless to say, this man is worked up.

7. Shook About Cheyenne

Shook About Cheyenne
Cheyenne's tweets were ignorant beyond belief, to be sure, but we don't think anyone really believes she wants to kill all white people. Well, anyone except for David, that is.

8. Bro Rage

Bro Rage
"I'm sickened to hear that Cheyenne Floyd said she hates white people and wants to kill him all!" he wrote.

9. Moronic Threats

Moronic Threats
"Yet I received death threats from you morons?" Eason wrote. We're not sure what that refers to, but to be fair, David probably isn't either.

10. Peeved About Nev

Peeved About Nev
At this point, Eason brought up allegations against Catfish host Nev Schulman, who was accused of sexually harassing a guest on the show.

11. An Odd Comparison

An Odd Comparison
"Come on people, MTV still works with Nev Schulman from Catfish even though he tried to sexually assault his timid vulnerable cast members!" Eason fumed.

12. Finger-Pointing Galore

Finger-Pointing Galore
David's "but what abouts" didn't end there, as he turned his attention to another troubled MTV star.

13. Hatin' on Jade

Hatin' on Jade
"Not to mention," David wrote, "Teen Mom young and pregnant cast member Jade Cline who took a picture with cocaine on the table in her selfie!

14. Pot, Meet Kettle

Pot, Meet Kettle
Fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy on that one, as both David and Jenelle have been arrested on drug-related charges on more than one occasion.

15. A Lesson In Anatomy

A  Lesson In Anatomy
"Get your head out of your ass MTV, I'm not the problem YOU ARE!" David helpfully added.

16. Seeking Redemption

Seeking Redemption
"I mean why else would the head producers be the ones spreading all the lies on the internet with media outlets? Huh Morgan?" Eason wrote, addressing Teen Mom producer Morgan J. Freeman.

17. For the Record...

For the Record...

18. The Point

The Point
So what's the takeaway from David's rant? Well, as far as we can tell, he's not trying to get his job back, but he does want MTV to address his concerns.

19. Cheyenne on the Hot Seat

Cheyenne on the Hot Seat
We're guessing his number one demand is for the network to fire Cheyenne -- and he may get his wish. Floyd has not yet signed a contract, and the last thing this franchise needs is another problematic cast member.

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