Jenelle Evans: David is Getting Tons of Alone Time with Kaiser! It's Fine!

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Jenelle Evans has always had a habit of being a little delusional.

Or, OK, a lot delusional.

Her history with this has been well-documented, thanks to Teen Mom 2 and basically everything she's ever said anywhere, but this latest piece of evidence is really just extraordinary.

Unfortunately, Kaiser is the one suffering here for her refusal to keep in touch with reality ...

1. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
It's hard to know where to start with this doozy of a story, friends -- we could do a quick recap of all the ways that David has proven he doesn't need to be around people, especially children, or we could focus on the reasons he doesn't need to be around Kaiser in particular.

2. True

We could also kick things off with a general "hey, how about Jenelle and her dedication to being the worst?" rant.

3. Questions, Questions

Questions, Questions
It's tough, but let's just start with this -- Kaiser is a precious baby angel who doesn't deserve any of this.

4. Awww

Kaiser is only five years old now, but he's always seemed like such a sweet little kid, right? He's so cute, he's always been great with Ensley and all the animals and really just everything.

5. Too Bad

Too Bad
Unfortunately for him, his mother is Jenelle, and she's allowed lots and lots of bad things to happen to him and around him.

6. Ugh

She's never been like Mother of the Year or anything, but things took a dark turn when she starting dating David.

7. Gross

From the beginning, David seemed to have a problem with Kaiser, who was only a little bitty toddler at the time -- the popular theory is that David's problem is that Kaiser looks exactly like Nathan, who he's always been very threatened by.

8. Disgusting

In one of David's first appearances on Teen Mom 2, we saw him call Kaiser a "screaming little bitch" because he was crying. Because he was like two years old.

9. Not So Much

Not So Much
We wish we could say things got better after that, but they only got much, much worse.

10. Shameful

We've seen Kaiser scream "Feed me!" at Jenelle and David when they were doing a photo shoot and ignoring the kids, and we've seen David refuse to let Kaiser go to the bathroom when he asked.

11. Oh No

Oh No
We've also heard several claims from Nathan and his mother, Doris, that Kaiser has told them that David physically abuses him.

12. So Sad

So Sad
They've said that Kaiser has told them that David once punched him in the head, and of course there was the time that Kaiser went for a visit with them and they found marks all over his backside -- Nathan said then that his son told him that he'd been beaten with a stick.

13. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
There have been many more accusations of abuse and neglect, but Jenelle and David have always replied with accusations that Nathan is the one abusing him -- so it seems like the agreement is that Kaiser is being abused by someone, and that's obviously just horrific.

14. Wonder Who?

Wonder Who?
And we don't have any proof, but when you consider David's documented treatment of Kaiser and his personality and everything ... well, it's not exactly difficult to believe that David is the culprit here.

15. Yikes

As time goes on, David appears to get more and more unhinged -- it's been a year and a half since he was fired from Teen Mom 2 for going on that gross homophobic rant, and less than a year since he got investigated by the Secret Service for perceived threats against the president.

16. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
And then, of course, there's the sad, sorry story of what happened to Nugget.

17. So Wrong

So Wrong
Nearly four months ago, David beat and shot Jenelle's tiny French bulldog for simply nipping at Ensley -- and he also reportedly did at least the beating part in front of the kids.

18. Good for Him

Good for Him
Police and CPS got involved, and we've heard that that happened because Kaiser told one of his teachers what happened.

19. What a Waste

What a Waste
The kids were taken away temporarily, but they've been back with Jenelle and David since July, and it looks like things have basically gone back to normal.

20. Hooray

But with an exciting new twist!

21. Why Though

Why Though
In a new Instagram post, Jenelle has revealed that David is now acting as a coach for Kaiser's football team.

22. Weird Reaction But OK

Weird Reaction But OK
Jenelle said that when David "told our family that he wanted to help coach Kaiser’s football team we were kind of shocked, confused, but excited for them," because it's a great sign to be "shocked" and "confused" when your husband says he wants to be your son's football coach, right?

23. Wild

"Now David is one of Kaiser’s main coaches along with the rest of the boys on the team," she continued.

24. Great

"Super happy they can bond and have 'alone time' together. Kaiser is working very hard and ready to play his first game!"

25. A Whirlwind of Emotions

A Whirlwind of Emotions
We'd explain why all of this is wrong, but let's just see how Jenelle's followers are taking this news, all right?

26. Sure

"I’m sure the other parents are thrilled," the top comment on Jenelle's post reads -- probably sarcasm, huh?

27. Also This

Also This
Another comment got straight to the point with "He beats him. You shouldn’t be allowed to have children."

28. Same

"I am shocked that this organization allowed him to coach," one person wrote, and another expressed a similar sentiment with Do they not do background checks anymore ?!? Omg."

29. Fair

The general consensus seems to be that David has too much of a temper to be a good coach, he shouldn't be around children anyway, and he definitely shouldn't be allowed to spend "alone time" with Kaiser.

30. Thanks, Jenelle

Thanks, Jenelle
But, as we said, being delusional really is Jenelle's strong suit, so she's still trying to convince everyone what a wonderful opportunity for bonding this will be.

31. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
Could we just ... think good thoughts for Kaiser, I guess? If the police failed him and CPS failed him and the court system failed him, that may be the only shot he has left.

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