Jenelle Evans: David Eason Is the Best Dad In the World! CPS Can Suck It!

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It's been over a month since CPS took David Eason and Jenelle Evans' kids away.

As terrible as Jenelle and David are as both parents and human beings, it's always a little sad to see a family broken up -- but in this case, it really needed to be done.

Teen Mom 2 viewers long suspected that David's violent and abusive tendencies presented a threat to his children, and authorities arrived at the same conclusion when Eason shot and killed the family dog.

Now, it's up to Jenelle and David to prove to a family court judge that they can provide a safe and stable home life for their kids.

But since that's pretty much a losing battle, they're trying to convince their Instagram followers instead.

Take a look:

1. David and Daughter

David and Daughter
Jenelle posted several photos of David with 2-year-old daughter Ensley today. Like the rest of the couple's kids, Ensley has been removed from their home and placed with relatives.

2. Before the Fall

Before the Fall
Evans captured the pics with the hashtag "#MemoriesNeverFade". For obvious reasons, she disabled comments.

3. Bad Times on The Land

Bad Times on The Land
We're not sure what Jenelle's goal was in posting pics of David hanging out with his daughter. Was she trying to trick her followers into thinking she had regained custody?

4. Nice Try

Nice Try
Whatever the case, judging from the reaction on Twitter, nobody was fooled into thinking Dave is anything other than a horrendous father.

5. The Very Brightest Bulb

The Very Brightest Bulb
Yes, Jenelle disabled the comments on her Instagram, but she also linked to the post on Twitter, which left the door wide open for critics to offer their two cents.

6. Boom. Roasted.

Boom. Roasted.
Like we said, Jenelle's Twitter followers REALLY didn't hold back on this one.

7. Go Off, Queen

Go Off, Queen
Like, Jenelle is probably wearing out her block button as we speak. Tough scene.

8. Her Ancestors Are Feeling These Burns

Her Ancestors Are Feeling These Burns
You hate to see it, folks, really. (JK, you love to see it, and it's hilarious.)

9. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
Lest we forget, David Eason was an abusive douche bag long before he shot the family dog. Various arrests, countless allegations of violence, more than 20 CPS visits in a single year ... Truly the worst.

10. Monstrous

Yes, "monster" is a good word for David. We would also accept evil chode, hillbilly goblin, or douchebeard.

11. Jenelle Made a Choice

Jenelle Made a Choice
And it's a decision that she stands by every day. Leaving her husband would make it MUCH easier to get her kids back.


These are all #facts. But even in all-caps, Jenelle won't listen.

13. Everybody Loves Nelly

Everybody Loves Nelly
In addition to everyone on Twitter, Jenelle is beefing with her sister right now, apparently because Ashleigh Evans dared to try and distance herself from her Jenelle's messiness.

14. Good Advice

Good Advice
When many, many people pointed out that Jenelle should probably stop defending David, stop beefing online, and focus on getting her kids back, she went off even more.

15. So ... Go Get a Job, Then?

So ... Go Get a Job, Then?
For example, one fan pointed out that Ashleigh is better educated and actually employed, which led Jenelle to spew some BS about her own credentials.

16. Sad!

Someone inform this misguided soul that degrees are worthless when a lifetime of abhorrent behavior has made you unemployable.

17. JE Cosmetics

JE Cosmetics
Someone else pointed out that Jenelle has been teasing a makeup line for years now. This led to the spewing of further BS.

18. Suuuuure

if you're keeping score at home, this is the 47 bazillionth release date that Jenelle is announced.

19. Hilarity

The best part of course, is that even if she releases the line, her popularity is at an all-time low, and its 100 percent guaranteed to tank!

20. Log Off, Girl

Log Off, Girl
As so many people have pointed out today, now would be a great time for Jenelle to get off social media and focus on turning things around for the sake of her kids.

21. Some Much-Needed Guidance

Some Much-Needed Guidance
Step one, of course, would be to kick David's useless ass to the curb!

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