Jenelle Evans: CPS Just Friggen Took Kaiser! Seriously, Dude! [UPDATED]

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Remember back in the day after Jenelle Evans had just given birth to her first child, Jace, and she told her mother that "nothing else worse could happen"?

LOL, not so much.

Things have gotten SO MUCH WORSE since then, in so many different and interesting ways.

Most recently, things took a serious nosedive in her life because her husband, David Eason, killed her dog and helped her get fired from Teen Mom 2.

But now, according to a shocking new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, it looks like she could be losing custody of another one of her kids, too.

1. Free Kaiser

Free Kaiser
It's happened, guys. It's finally happened.

2. A Bittersweet Time

A Bittersweet Time
Finally, after all the red flags and the alleged abuse and the really awful moments captured on Teen Mom 2, Kaiser has been removed from Jenelle's care.

3. Eff You, David

Eff You, David
Remember when David first entered the picture and we saw him call Kaiser a "little bitch" for being two years old and crying?

4. So Sad

So Sad
Remember when the whole family went on vacation and during breakfast, Kaiser asked to go to the bathroom, and he wasn't allowed to do that, but David also told him that if he had an accident at the table, he'd be in trouble? Because that's good parenting, right?

5. Gross

Oh, and remember when Jenelle and David were doing some lame photoshoot for their upcoming wedding and Kaiser was behind the camera crying and begging his mom to feed him?

6. At Long Last ...

At Long Last ...
Well, no more, friends. No more.

7. Once Again, RIP Nugget

Once Again, RIP Nugget
So, OK, this has to do with the untimely death of Nugget -- and by "untimely death," you know we mean "horrific abuse and senseless murder at the hands of swamp monster David Eason."

8. So Wrong

So Wrong
David claimed that Nugget, Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, attacked Ensley, so he took the dog outside and shot it with a shotgun.

9. Yikes

Some reports have alleged that David beat the dog so viciously before he killed it that when he came back inside, he was "covered in blood."

10. Poor Kids

Poor Kids
It was a traumatic event for everyone involved, and unfortuntely, the whole family (minus Jace, who was on vacation with Barbara) was home when David snapped.

11. Awww, No

Awww, No
Meaning that Kaiser, Ensley, and David's older daughter, Maryssa, all saw their dad lose his mind and kill the family pet.

12. And So ...

And So ...
Not a great situation, right?

13. Save Him, Nathan

Save Him, Nathan
We've heard that Nathan Griffith was very concerned for Kaiser's wellbeing after hearing the news, especially since he believes David is abusive to Kaiser anyway.

14. Custody, Please

Custody, Please
Nathan is actually trying to get full custody of Kaiser right now after an incident last summer in which the kid arrived at his home covered in strange marks all over his backside that he said were the results of being hit with a stick by David.

15. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
He and Jenelle actually have a court date at the end of this month. More on that in a bit.

16. Anyway ...

Anyway ...
But back to Nugget.

17. Oh Great

Oh Great
We've heard many different things about consequences David could face for killing the dog. One thing we've heard is that nothing will happen to him unless Jenelle presses charges, which is unlikely to happen.

18. Oh Cool

Oh Cool
We've also heard that the local sheriff's department, along with animal control, has opened an investigation into what happened.

19. Could It Be?

Could It Be?
And something that's already come from that investigation?

20. Victory!

According to a new report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, CPS has taken Kaiser out of Jenelle's home.

21. For Real Though

For Real Though
Yes, seriously.

22. Good

The source who spoke with the site said that Kaiser is currently with an unnamed family member -- TMZ is saying that it's Nathan -- after “CPS authorized a family member to get Kaiser from his daycare on Friday."

23. Consequences are Neat

Consequences are Neat
Apparently nothing new happened, but the detective who's been looking into Nugget's death called up CPS and told them that Kaiser shouldn't be staying at home for the time being.

24. ... Also Forever?

... Also Forever?
“Kaiser will likely be staying away from The Land until CPS can get things sorted out," the source explained. “A judge will be given the case today to sign off on, at least for the foreseeable future.”

25. Don't Forget Jace

Don't Forget Jace
TMZ also reported that CPS put a stop to Jenelle's visits with Jace, too.

26. And Ensley?

And Ensley?
As for Jenelle's youngest child, Ensley, TMZ said that she's still at home with Jenelle and David, and it's partially because authorities are nervous about going onto their property since David is so unhinged.

27. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
As for how Jenelle is taking all of this?

28. Tough Break

Tough Break
Well, she's not handling it great.

29. Riiiiight

She just posted (and quickly deleted) this on her Instagram story, writing "Keep writing lies! This wasn't exclusive!"

30. Uh

Which is a weird things to get upset about, because ... does she think that only she can give exclusives? Is that what she thinks?

31. Interesting

Also, if it was a lie, there would be an easy way to prove it -- by putting sharing a video of Kaiser with her.

32. Not So Much

Not So Much
Meanwhile, over here in reality, The Ashley has always been a reliable source for Teen Mom news, and we doubt the site would publish such a report if they didn't know it was factual.

33. Classic

Jenelle also posted (and deleted) a screenshot of The Ashley's Instagram profile and in her caption, she wrote "Stop Lying and Writing Stories! Want to be an Adult and ask me about my kids let's go! #warning #liar #shotsfired"

34. Fair

It really seems like she's in meltdown mode, which is understandable.

35. A Win for Nathan

A Win for Nathan
After all, she's currently battling for custody with Nathan, and they've got a court date in just a couple of weeks. We're no experts, but it seems like CPS removing the child in question from your home wouldn't look great for a judge, right?

36. The Future

The Future
This time next month, there's a real chance that Kaiser could be with Nathan for good.

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