Javi Marroquin and Lauren Comeau: Engaged!! [Exclusive]

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Javi Marroquin is wifing up his main squeeze.

The Teen Mom 2 cast member and ex-husband of Kailyn Lowry popped the question to his longtime love this Memorial Day weekend.

Suffice it to say, she said she'll think about it.

J/K. Lauren Comeau and Javi, who also dated Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus, have been over the moon for some time.

Lauren gave birth to their first child last fall, and it didn't take long after that for the obligatory engagement chatter to begin.

Well, consider the rumors over now.

Javi spoke to us exclusively about his proposal -- how he planned it, exactly what went down, and what they already know about the wedding.

Congratulations to the happy couple on this huge milestone. Here are the awesome details of how it all went down ...

1. Javi and Lauren Are Engaged!

Javi and Lauren Are Engaged!
Their beautiful love story has quite the history, and Javi has given us ALL of the details on how this sweet proposal went down. Plus, more photos. ...

2. False Start

False Start
Javi and Lauren began dating back in July of 2017, but they called it quits just a few months later.

3. Breakup to Make-Up

Breakup to Make-Up
But in the end, love emerged victorious, and following Javi's brief romance with Briana DeJesus, he and Lauren reconciled and set about the business of making up for lost time.

4. Many Hurdles to Clear

Many Hurdles to Clear
Javi and Lauren have overcome a great deal to get to this point. Their romance started out as a long distance relationship, with Marroquin in Delaware and Comeau in Massachusetts.

5. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
So when they decided to get back together, Javi and Lauren didn't leave anything up to chance.

6. Wasting No Time

Wasting No Time
Within six weeks of confirming their reconciliation, Javi and Lauren announced that she was pregnant.

7. Shaking Off the Haters

Shaking Off the Haters
Throughout her pregnancy, Comeau was subjected to criticism and ridicule from those who seemed to believe that harassing her was a way of standing up for Kailyn Lowry. But she continued to share her joy on social media regardless.

8. Tough Crowd

Tough Crowd
While there have been times when Kailyn has indicated that she's not necessarily a fan of Comeau's, the smile never left Lauren's face as her dreams of starting a family came true.

9. Enter Eli

Enter Eli
And in November of last year, Lauren and Javi welcomed a child together. It was the first for Lauren and the second for Javi, who has a son with Kail.

10. And Baby Makes Three

And Baby Makes Three
“We are going with Eli Joseph Marroquin,” Comeau told Radar Online with regard to the baby's name. “Joseph after my dad, who goes by Joe, and my grandfather’s middle name.”

11. Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
And in the months since little Eli entered the world, Javi and Lauren have not let parenthood slow down their momentum in the slightest.

12. Making Moves

Making Moves
She began making appearances on Teen Mom 2 while still pregnant, and she can be seen in the most recent season of the show.

13. Crossfit Couple

Crossfit Couple
Meanwhile, with Lauren's help, Javi launched his first business -- a Crossfit gym in his native Delaware.

14. Playing House

Playing House
Javi and Lauren also purchased a home together, a first for both of them!

15. A Foregone Conclusion

A Foregone Conclusion
With all those recent developments, we suppose the engagement doesn't come as much of a surprise.

16. A New Beginning

A New Beginning
But while she may have seen it coming, you can bet Lauren is no less overjoyed at the prospect of becoming Mrs. Marroquin.

17. And a New Man

And a New Man
Javi's been down this road before, having been briefly married to Kail. He says that experience taught him a great deal about how to be a better husband.

18. Spur of the Moment

Spur of the Moment
"It was actually not really planned," Javi tells us exclusively about the actual proposal. "I took the ring just in case."

19. It's Hard to Plan

It's Hard to Plan
"Initially we had our family pictures done and I was going to have a boat in the background saying will you marry me in one of the pictures but it was too hard to get a boat," Javi admits. "So I was like alright whatever I’ll just do it another time."

20. Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location
"So we went on through the weekend and literally the day before we went to this lake in Maine where she’s from. We went there when we first met and so last year we went there as well right before I left," Javi explains. "So this year- there’s a cafe spot on the corner- and she’s like let’s go get some smoothies and then we’ll walk to the lake and then you can leave. So I was like perfect idea."

21. It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details
"It just felt right," Javi decided. "I texted her cousin and I said hey can you go this spot and put a bunch of flowers and candles and have everything ready for me? We’re going to walk there and when we get to our spot I’ll ask her to marry me."

22. The Best Laid Plans ...

The Best Laid Plans ...
"So it was all last minute. Everyone was running around," Javi characterizes. "And then that’s what happened. We went and got smoothies, we walked down to our spot- it was actually funny how it happened. So Lincoln- there’s a Little Rock- he said can I go play with the rocks? I said yeah and he ran to the rocks and the next thing I know he said, ‘Lauren, your sister’s here. I just saw her running.’"

23. Disaster!

"I was like Oh God, no, Lincoln," Javi recalls. "I tried to play it off- saying no, that wasn’t her. Then we walked toward where Lincoln was and Lauren recognized her cousin’s boyfriend’s car. She said that was her car and I said no, I don’t think so."

24. ... Crisis Averted?

... Crisis Averted?
"I tried to play it and she was oblivious," he recalls. "And we get towards a little table and there was a bunch of flowers and candles set up. And I just kind of started opening up to her, telling her how much she means to me and that I’m looking forward to a future with her and to do things together."

25. Lincoln Had a Big Role to Play

Lincoln Had a Big Role to Play
"And then I brought Lincoln over to me and I said would you like it if Lauren was your step Mom one day?" Javi describes. "And it was funny he was like ‘just a little bit.’"

26. The Proposal

The Proposal
Javi narrates: "So we started laughing and then I had the ring in the stroller- Eli was there- and I got down on one knee and asked here if she would marry me."

27. It Was PERFECT

"She started crying and then her cousin was taking pictures and popped out," Javi shares. "It was just us and I think that’s how Lauren wanted it- me, Eli, Lincoln, and her." So sweet!

28. Short and Sweet

Short and Sweet
"It was nice," Javi reflects. "We only got to celebrate a little bit because Lincoln and I had to come back to Delaware, but it was nice."

29. A Private Moment

A Private Moment
"The cameras did not tape this," Javi emphasizes. "Filming our relationship on camera has been stressful enough and Lauren wanted this to be private."

30. Need to Know

Need to Know
"We didn’t tell Kail," Javi says. "We told our close ones and loved ones and then she’ll find out."

31. The Wild Card

The Wild Card
"I don’t know if Lincoln is going to spill the beans," Javi admits. "But there’s no need to tell Kail. Me and Lauren have our own relationship so there’s no need to."

32. Save the Date?

Save the Date?
"We have a busy summer," Javi notes. "So we don’t have a wedding date in mind yet."

33. In Due Time

In Due Time
"After we go Aruba in September," Javi reveals. "We will sit down and plan it."

34. A BIG Deal

A BIG Deal
We are so thrilled for this happy family and we know that fans will be, too! The story of this proposal is just so darn romantic

35. Congrats All Around

Congrats All Around
And it seems that family, friends, and Teen Mom 2 colleagues are equally ecstatic on behalf of the couple.

36. Best of Luck, You Crazy Kids!

Best of Luck, You Crazy Kids!
We'd like to add our voice to the chorus of those offering congratulations to Javi and Lauren!

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