Jenelle Evans: CPS Friggen Gave Me PTSD, Dude!

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You know that thing Jenelle Evans does where she goes out of her way to make herself into the victim at any given opportunity?

Yeah, you know.

Another thing she likes to do is make anything and everything about her - regardless of whether it's about her or it's her own fault.

You're probably familiar with that character trait, too. The former Teen Mom 2 star has never been accused of being inauthentic;

Unfortunately, authentic Jenelle comes with a lot of baggage, and in this new interview, our girl was in rare form. Even for her.

You gotta see this ...

1. To Say the Least

To Say the Least
Jenelle Evans ... well, the girl certainly had an interesting summer, and not like that girl from your office had an interesting summer.

2. A Throwback

A Throwback
It all started back when her deranged spouse, David Eason, killed her dog and set off a firestorm online and a chain reaction of events that are still playing out on The Land and beyond.

3. Ugh

You remember how it all happened, but we'll remind you anyway. Nugget, Jenelle's little French bulldog, nipped at Ensley because no one taught the kid how to interact with animals and no one did anything to intervene when Nugget was getting very obviously agitated at Ensley's rough playing.

4. The Evidence

The Evidence
Nugget didn't break the skin when she nipped at her - Ensley's cheek was barely even red after the "attack" - but still, David thought it was appropriate to end the animal's life as punishment. And not in humane fashion, either. Dude grabbed the dog, threw her outside, grabbed a shotgun and pumped her full of lead.

5. Oh OK

During a recent PR blitz launched to boost her (failed) cosmetics line, Jenelle tried to spin this as well as anyone could, dubiously claiming that hey, that's just the way David was raised! He's a country boy and a lot of people don't understand that! Maybe so, to a point, but the thing is that shooting a dog for behaving like a dog is pretty much universally not OK.

6. Enter CPS

Enter CPS
So after David killed Nugget, police opened an investigation, and local Child Protective Services personnel removed the kids from the home.

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