Andrew Glennon to Amber Portwood: Enjoy Prison, Loser!

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When Amber Portwood was arrested for domestic assault back in July, the situation looked like it couldn't get much worse ...

... but almost immediately, it did.

In the months since the incident, several audio recordings emerged in which Amber can he heard assaulting Andrew and verbally berating him.

Amazingly, Portwood still has a job at MTV after all of this.

But will she be a free woman long enough to continue working?

Glennon thinks not.

Take a look:

1. Not So Shocking

Not So Shocking
Given her history of violent behavior, not too many were shocked when Amber was arrested for attacking Glennon -- least of all Glennon.

2. Toughing It Out

Toughing It Out
We now know that Amber had been abusing Amber almost from the start of their relationship. And he's got the receipts to prove it.

3. Disturbing Sruff

In this tape, for example, Amber can be heard assaulting Andrew and threatening further physical violence.

4. Death Threats

In time, more tapes emerged, and the gist remained the same -- Amber was an abusive monster throughout the relationship.

5. What's Next?

What's Next?
It's unclear exactly when Portwood will stand trial. But when she does, virtually everything she holds dear will be at stake.

6. A Lot on the Line

A Lot on the Line
Sources say if Amber is found guilty, she'll lose her job at MTV. Furthermore, she'll almost certainly lose custody of her 1-year-old son, James.

7. Welcome Back

And of course, on top of all of that, Amber could wind up behind bars. Again ...

8. Open and Shut

Open and Shut
Even if we set aside her violent past. Amber's lawyers will have their hands full. After all, there's a mountain of incriminating evidence working against her.

9. Easy Win

Easy Win
According to Radar Online, Andrew's lawyers submitted evidence to the court this week. And it's not looking good for Ms. Portwood.

10. Busted

In addition to the two other tapes, there are several more in which Amber can be heard berating Andrew and threatening violence against him, all in the presence of baby James.

11. Sword Slinger

Sword Slinger
On top of that, there's reportedly a security video in which Amber can be seen attacking the camera with a SWORD that she kept in the family home for some reason.

12. NINE?!

“Nine audio clips and one ring video (Video Audio 91919), associated with aforementioned emails, will be provided to defense counsel,” the court papers read.

13. It Adds Up

It Adds Up
In addition to the tapes, the evidence against Amber includes a 9-page statement Andrew made to police, as well as CPS documents that were previously confidential.

14. She's Screwed

She's Screwed
All of the materials cited will be introduced as exhibits in court. On top of that, every individual cited in the filing could be called as a witness by Andrew's lawyers.

15. Cell Block Queen

Cell Block Queen
Especially since this is not her first offense, it seems almost certain that Amber will be imprisoned. And sources say that's exactly the outcome that Andrew is hoping for.

16. Happy Dad

Happy Dad
But believe it or not, it seems that getting Amber locked up is not his central goal in all of this. Insiders say Glennon is motivated not by revenge, but by his love for his young son.

17. Going Back to Cali

Going Back to Cali
Glennon has filed a motion to move back to his home state of California with baby James in tow.

18. Fighting Back

Fighting Back
For the most part, Amber's defense team is focused on keeping her out of jail. But they fought back against Andrew on this point.

19. Sentenced to Life In Indiana

Sentenced to Life In Indiana
Amber has asked that the court deny Andrew's motion. Her request is still pending and she may not receive an answer from the court until after her trial.

20. The Odds Are Against Her

The Odds Are Against Her
Of course, if Amber is hoping to convince the judge that she's a top-notch mom, she'll be fighting an uphill battle.

21. No Mother of the Year

No Mother of the Year
Portwood has already lost custody of her elder child, daughter Leah, who's currently being raised by Amber's ex, Gary Shirley.

22. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
For the record, Amber was also accused of assaulting Shirley on numerous occasions. Of course, in those days, she was doing a ton of drugs.

23. Yeah, Really Turning Things Around

Yeah, Really Turning Things Around
These days, Amber claims to be sober, but we know that's not entirely the case.

24. Erratic Behavior

Erratic Behavior
On the night of her arrest, Amber reportedly swallowed a handful of Klonopin in order to prevent Andrew from calling the cops. We're not sure what the reasoning was there -- but we are sure that it sounds like she's once again abusing her prescription meds.

25. Hard Road Ahead

Hard Road Ahead
All of this adds up to one thing -- Amber is the underdog in all of this, and it's gonna be very difficult for her to avoid being sent back to the clink.

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