Tori Roloff Baby Bump Pics are Simply Gorgeous

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Tori Roloff is about to be a mother for the second time.

Already blessed with a son named Jackson, the Little People, Big World star is expecting a little girl right around Thanksgiving of 2019.

She and husband Zach are simply overjoyed by this news.

And fans around the Internet are overjoyed that Roloff is taking them along for the ride, sharing a number of beautiful baby bump photos on  Instagram throughout this pregnancy.

We've chosen a few of the most memorable shots below.

Check them out now!

1. Making Their Baby Announcement

Making Their Baby Announcement
Tori Roloff gaze into each other's eyes and hold something valuable in their hands here: a sonogram of their second child. This is how they broke their exciting news to fans and followers.

2. The First Bump Sighting!

The First Bump Sighting!
As Tori herself says in this caption, the next member of her family has made her first appearance.

3. Growing So Quickly!

Growing So Quickly!
Tori has mentioned on multiple occasions that this pregnancy has been more challenging than the first, mostly due to how large she grew early in the second trimester.

4. New Clothing Was Needed

New Clothing Was Needed
Yes, Tori had a maternity wardrobe from her time carrying Jackson. But that didn't suffice this time around.

5. Feeling Insecure

Feeling Insecure
"I’ve gotten bigger a lot faster than I did with Jackson and I’ve become a lot more insecure," Tori admitted in late Julu, sounding just like millions of other pregnant women.

6. Two Bellies!

Two Bellies!
OMG. What an amazing photo. What a precious snapshot here of Tori and her son, Jackson, both showing off their bellies.

7. Cutest Photo Ever?

Cutest Photo Ever?
We mean, this has to be up there, doesn't it?

8. Okay, Fine, Maybe This is the Cutest Photo Ever Instead

Okay, Fine, Maybe This is the Cutest Photo Ever Instead
Banana cheers to the baby to be!

9. Poor, Beautiful Tori

Poor, Beautiful Tori
Added Roloff in her July 8 Instagram post: "It’s been hard to really enjoy this pregnancy because I’ve let my own body image issues get in the way... Hearing people ask me if I’m sure it’s not twins definitely does not help (for all our sakes-don’t ever ask a woman this question. Like ever)."

10. Turning Pain Into Motivation

Turning Pain Into Motivation
"Us as women are so badass," she added in this post. "Like we can grow babies. And I know I need to give this up to God right and be thankful for this gift-and I’m trying trust me. But for all those women out there-pregnant or not- you need to hear this just like I do."

11. She Shall Overcome

She Shall Overcome
Thankfully, Tori appeared to overcome these insecurities enough to pose for some amazing maternity photos.

12. Such as This One Here

Such as This One Here
Just look at that facial expression on Jackson, you guys. Priceless.

13. A Very Pretty Profile

A Very Pretty Profile
Wrote Tori as a caption to this snapshot: "This photo truly embodies what I LOVE about pregnancy. My growing bump is a symbol of a healthy girlsie. It’s a reminder that I’m in a position that many women dream of and trust me- I do not take it for granted."

14. At Jacob's Wedding!

At Jacob's Wedding!
What a gorgeous family. Tori chose a lovely dress here to attend brother-in-law Jacob's wedding.

15. The Countdown is On!

The Countdown is On!
"Baby girl I just can not wait to meet you," wrote Tori as a caption to this one.

16. Bumpin with a Pumpkin

Bumpin with a Pumpkin
HA! Look at Tori here, posing alongside her dog... while at Roloff Farms and its pumpkin patch.

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