Jenelle Evans: Bashed for Teen Mom 2 Reunion Meltdown!

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Jenelle Evans made herself look pretty darn bad at the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special last weekend.

At this point, we're starting to wonder if she has any real idea about how to make herself look good.

Girl has always been a train wreck, but she got trashy last weekend in a way that she hadn't for a very long time.

By all accounts (except her own), she lost it when she saw her mother hugging Nathan Griffith's new girlfriend, Ashley Landhardt, and things went downhill from there.

She yelled at both Nathan and Ashley, then she yelled at her mother, and worst of all, this all happened in front of the children in the cast.

So really, it's no wonder that pretty much everyone on the show is bashing her right now.

Check out all the many, many ways her fellow Teen Mom stars are throwing shade her way below ...

1. The Victim Herself

The Victim Herself
How could you be mad at a face like this?! Well, let literally all of her co-workers explain it to you ...

2. The A Team

The A Team
Even before Jenelle had her meltdown, the cast had split into cliques. Leah Messer, Chelsea Houska, and Kailyn Lowry stuck together ...

3. The B Team

The B Team
... While Jenelle got friendly with the new girl, Briana DeJesus. Briana actually referred to Jenelle as "the only person who kept it real" at the reunion.

4. Oh, The Shade of It All!

Oh, The Shade of It All!
Chelsea shared this picture with her girls, and she added the caption "Filming reunions be like ...." Get it, because Jenelle and David ruined everything?

5. Leave Me Alone!

Leave Me Alone!
In a tweet from Jenelle's rep (or Jenelle herself -- most people think she runs her own PR account), Kailyn, Chelsea, Leah, Nathan, Nathan's girlfriend, and Cole DeBoer were all accused of leaking information about Jenelle's drama to tabloids. Kailyn wasn't having it though, responding to the accusation with "I wasn’t even there... why am I being brought into it?"

6. Not Having It

Not Having It
Chelsea also addressed the rumor that she and Cole sold Jenelle's story to the tabloids. She said that the thought of Cole reaching out to a tabloid makes her "giggle," because seriously, who could even imagine that? She also referred to the entire weekend as a "sh-tshow." Sounds appropriate.

7. Randy to the Rescue!

Randy to the Rescue!
Good ol' Randy Houska, Chelsea's father, was the real MVP here -- he took the time to explain exactly what happened. Which, essentially, was that David acted a fool at a party Friday night because he couldn't drink as much as he wanted, and that Jenelle acted a fool during filming on Saturday because Nathan's girlfriend hugged Barbara. Randy is a good man.

8. A Scary Night

A Scary Night
Poor Leah Messer said that she and a friend she brought to the party Friday night were "terrified" when David pulled a knife after being refused alcohol. Well, yeah ...

9. Cut the BS

Cut the BS
Leah also responded to Jenelle's claims that she was "two-faced" towards her, tweeting that "If 'fake' is the definition of rising above unnecessary drama. I'll be considered 'fake' I suppose. However I consider it being mature." Yes, girl, yes!

10. Real Talk with Nathan

Real Talk with Nathan
Nathan was so bothered by the events at the reunion -- rightfully so, since he was the one facing Jenelle's wrath -- that he made a video with his girlfriend, Ashley, to set the record straight. And you know things are bad when Nathan Griffith comes off looking better than you do.

11. Tea Time with Jo and Vee!

Tea Time with Jo and Vee!
Over on Twitter, someone asked Jo Rivera, Kailyn's first baby daddy, to spill the tea on what happened with Jenelle at the reunion, but he insisted it was "not my story to tell." His longtime girlfriend, Vee, later revealed that "The tea is exceptionally good tho."

12. The Baltierras

The Baltierras
Catelynn and Tyler were in L.A. with the rest of the crew, and they were definitely at the party where the balloon incident took place ... but neither of them have commented on any of the drama. Sad!

13. Silence from Farrah

Silence from Farrah
Farrah Abraham was there for the festivities too, but she also kept quiet. It makes sense -- she wasn't involved in any way, so why comment? -- but can you imagine how amazing a Farrah vs. Jenelle feud would be?

14. Debra the Leak?!

Debra the Leak?!
Debra Danielsen accompanied Farrah to L.A., but unlike her daughter, she did mention Jenelle's outbursts! When the site that originally released the story explained that they had many sources discussing what went down because they couldn't have that much information with just one source, Deb repled with "So true!!" Did she agree because she is one of those sources?

15. No Word from Maci

No Word from Maci
Maci Bookout and her husband, Taylor McKinney, were at the party too, but they haven't commented on anything. We didn't really expect them too though, so no big loss.

16. Amber Portwood: MIA

Amber Portwood: MIA
Amber was the only Teen Mom who didn't make it out for the festivities, so there's really not much she could say about the situation, is there?

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