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So look, we all know how Jenelle Evans is, right?

It doesn’t take much to get her worked up, and when she does get worked up, she tends to get a little bit rowdy.


Well, "rowdy" is a nicer word for it. Really she gets nasty and hateful and loud, and every once in a while she’ll get violent, too.

Check out her arrest history if there’s any doubt on that one.

When you consider all of that, and when you also consider that Jenelle has seemed to be in kind of a dark place lately, judging from her scenes on Teen Mom 2 and her decision to possibly quit the show

There’s really no way that the reunion show this weekend could have gone well.

The weekend isn’t over yet — as far as we know, MTV is still filming today — but our girl here has already thrown down once.

And the whole mess started because of Nathan Griffith. Of course.

A source who was actually on set for the reunion revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that when Jenelle’s big fight with Nathan began, "most of the cast was in various green rooms backstage and the kids were all running around playing together."

Jenelle Evans with Choker

Nathan’s current girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt, was there, and she happened to see Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans.

The two women hugged, and Jenelle happened to see it. And she did not handle it well.

"She yelled at Barbara that it was wrong for her own mother to hug Nathan’s girlfriend," the source explained.

"Nathan jumped in and was defending Ashley, and that’s when Jenelle called David in."

Oh, great idea, Jenelle, bring in the guy with the violent criminal history and the uncontrollable jealousy and anger issues when it comes to Nathan.

The source said that Jenelle "yelled that Nathan was being out of control," and "that’s when one of the female producers stepped in between Jenelle and Ashley."

Another source on the scene told the website that Nathan claimed that Jenelle was high, and at another point in the fight, Jenelle claimed that Nathan’s mother, Doris, was high.

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans Selfie Pic

(Doris was there for the reunion, apparently to care for Kaiser.)

"No one actually threw a punch," a source revealed, but the argument did bring the show to a halt because so many crew members had to stop what they were doing to step in.

And while it’s good that the fight didn’t get physical, it’s not so good because so many of the kids witnessed everything go down.

"The kids were all running around during this huge fight," the source explained, "and someone in the cast grabbed Kaiser and took him away from the scene."

"Because the fight was in the hallway, some of the other cast members were basically trapped inside the rooms they were in. Some of the other parents were really concerned and barged out of the green rooms to find their kids and bring them somewhere safe."

Jenelle and Nathan Half-Naked

Things were so intense that "Several cast members — even some of the dads — made the statement that this was not a safe place for kids to be, with stuff like this happening."

Well, yeah.

We’ve seen Jenelle and Nathan fight before, so just throw in Nathan’s girlfriend, David, and Barbara … we wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that mess.

The fact that a bunch of kids were around to see all that fighting, and that those kids’ parents weren’t able to get to them?

We would say that we haven’t heard the last of this fight, but for one last little tidbit, a source revealed that MTV was able to film every bit of it.

So, you know, we definitely haven’t heard the last of it — unless Jenelle’s able to wrangle herself one of those "good edits," we’ll be able to see it for ourselves!

Seriously, how good is this reunion going to be?