Hannah Brown: All of the New Bachelorette's Ex-Boyfriends Revealed!

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You didn't need Bachelor or Bachelorette spoilers to tell you that Colton Underwood was not your typical franchise leading man.

In addition to all the cliches, drama and emotionally-charged, fence-jumping shenanigans of last season, Colton was a virgin.

This fact set him apart from every previous rose-giver, and something that everyone on the show was contractually obligated to mention every 2.3 minutes.

Similarly, Colton's ex Hannah Brown is an unusual choice to anchor her own season of The Bachelorette - but for very different reasons.

As you're about to learn, Hannah is no virgin.

In fact, although she's only 24 years young, it appears that Hannah has been in a handful of rather serious relationships.

And the dudes competing for her heart may need to step their respective games if they hope to outshine her exes.

Take a look - and check out The Bachelorette spoilers on THG for the scoop on what's to come this spring and summer:

1. Almost Mrs. Underwood

Almost Mrs. Underwood
Despite an intense feud with a fellow former beauty queen, Hannah had a hell of a run on The Bachelor, and there were times when it looked like she might be the one to win Colton's heart.

2. Believing the Hype

Believing the Hype
Hannah's feelings for Colton seemed genuine, and despite her self-deprecating tendencies, she seemed to share the audience's belief that she was a real contender for the final rose.

3. You Hate To See It

You Hate To See It
We probably don't need to tell you that things didn't work out as planned, and Hannah got kicked to the curb in an airplane hangar while rocking a Pepto-pink prom dress.

4. Beast Out

It wasn't an easy scene to watch, but we recommend you do so again, right now. Ya know ... for science. Or something.

5. Life After Colton

Life After Colton
But hey, Hannah will be just fine. For one thing, she's about to have a small army of single bros chasing her all over creation in hopes of becoming Mr. Beast.

6. A Familiar Road

A Familiar Road
On top of that, Hannah is no stranger to heartbreak, having been involved in at least three serious(-ish) relationships prior to her Colton campaign.

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