David Eason Trolls Leah Messer: Keep Taking Plan B! You Don't Need Any More Kids, You Drug Addict!

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David Eason ... ugh.

Ugh. When it comes to Jenelle Evans' husband, is there anything else we really need to say at this point?

He's rude, aggressive, offensive, bigotted, allegedly abusive to both children and his significant others.

Like, this individual is so awful the United States Secret Service recently felt the need to pay him a visit.

It's bad.

On top of everything else, he also has a little hobby of harassing his wife's co-workers -- the cast and crew of Teen Mom 2.

And this weekend, as The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports, he went after Leah Messer ... who more than held her own.

Let's break it down:

1. The Worst

The Worst
David is ... he's really just a horrific person, guys, for so many reasons.

2. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
How many times have we heard from Nathan Griffith and his mother that Kaiser has told them that David hits him?

3. Yikes

The alleged abuse extends further, too -- his ex, the mother of his son, got a restraining order against him after claiming he was violent with her during her pregnancy.

4. There's More

And we all remember that harrowing 911 call in which Jenelle sobbed and told the operator that he'd knocked her to the ground and pinned her down after an argument.

5. Also the Secret Service

Also the Secret Service
In addition to all the (alleged!!!) domestic violence, David is also super, super into guns, like to the point where the Secret Service felt the need to investigate him because they thought he was threatening the president's life.

6. So Weird

So Weird
He's said many times that he won't hesitate to shoot the second anyone trespasses onto his property, and like, you can tell he's kind of hoping it happens.

7. Ugh

Another thing he does, and he's been getting more and more into it lately, is he bashes Jenelle's Teen Mom co-stars at any given opportunity.

8. Or, Well ...

Or, Well ...
Most of the time he just makes up an opportunity, but you get what we mean.

9. Classic

Last year, Randy Houska, Chelsea's dad, made some comment about David, and David offered to realign his jaw -- get it, because Randy is a dentist?

10. Nope

In his Randy rant, he also said "I’ve got guns, don’t f–k with me. And I’ve got vicious dogs," which ... that's a death threat, right?

11. Oh Man ...

Oh Man ...
When it comes to Kailyn Lowry, it's hard to even count how many times David has bashed her. Because it's been a whole whole ot.

12. Seriously, The Worst

Seriously, The Worst
Just over a year ago, he went after Leah Messer when she shared a photo of one of her daughters at a cheerleading competition by commenting "I can’t believe Corey would allow her to wear that much makeup."

13. But Why

But Why
It was super weird because Leah obviously has just as much of a right to make decisions like that for her twins as Corey does, but also ... why is it David's business?

14. Facts

It's not his business, that's the answer -- none of this is. But he's kept right on.

15. Hey, Jeremy!

Hey, Jeremy!
Just over a week ago, he hopped onto Jeremy Calvert's page, found this photo of him looking nice at the Teen Mom 2 reunion, and commented “Well ya look like a bitch so there ya go."

16. Not Having It

Not Having It
Jeremy didn't appreciate it and commented back with a long rant about how ignorant David is, and he told him "keep f-cking with me and I’ll fly my ass to nc and I’ll show u what kind of bitch I am."

17. Of Course

Of Course
David never responded, but he may have reported Jeremy's comment, because his page got shut down soon after.

18. Poor David

Poor David
David may have realized that Jeremy was one person who actually may fight back -- like actually fight -- so he set his sights on an easier target.

19. Come On

Come On
Yep, he's back on Leah.

20. Some Good Old-Fashioned Bullying

Some Good Old-Fashioned Bullying
David, who has another new Instagram account now, went back to this photo Leah posted with Jeremy from the reunion and asked "Why is his hair so thin though?"

21. The Answer

The Answer
"Probably all the stress from watching @leahdawn92mtv strung out on drugs while texting and driving with kids in the car... Poor babies someone needs to save those kids from this addict before it's too late."

22. ... For Real?

... For Real?
Yes, David, who is married to Jenelle Evans, wrote that.

23. So Rude

So Rude
Leah has admitted to struggling with drug use in the past -- she was prescribed painkillers and anxiety meds after having an extremely tough time while giving birth to her youngest daughter, and she developed an addiction. Eventually she went to rehab, and she seems to be doing so very well these days.

24. Gross

It's low of David to bring this up, let alone speculate that she's doing drugs again, especially when his own wife has her own history of addiction.

25. Sick

And for David to seriously write out "Poor babies someone needs to save those kids" when Jenelle doesn't have custody of her oldest son, his own son had a restraining order against him, and multiple people are claiming that he's violent with Kaiser ...

26. David, Please

David, Please
It's honestly insane.

27. Standing in Her Power

Standing in Her Power
Don't worry though -- Leah didn't take it sitting down!

28. Get Him!

Get Him!
She started her reply by asking "haven’t you already been blocked from @instagram how many times again ?"

29. Bully

"For bullying on social networks," she specified. "They even thought Jeremy’s account was you!"

30. Please

She then tagged Instagram and asked them to "pleaseeeeee take down this account to. They are a harm to our communities and our families."

31. Finish Him

Finish Him
Finally, she told David to "Get off my page with your threats, defamation, and irrational behavior," complete with heart and kissy-face emojis.

32. What?

David responded with "awwe you sound so smart saying Instagram thought Jeremy's account was mine lmao."

33. What a Creep

What a Creep
"The only person making threats is your boyfriend, that's what got his account shut down," he added.

34. Go Away Please

Go Away Please
So is that David admitting that he's the one who reported Jeremy for his comment?

35. David, Stop

David, Stop
David is just hypocritical and mean and dumb and he makes himself look even worse with dumb stunts like this.

36. The Nightmare

The Nightmare
But as the weeks turn into months and the months turn into years, it keeps looking like Jenelle is going to cling to this guy as hard as she can, as long as she can, and that we may never, ever be rid of him.

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