Hailie Scott: Eminem's Daughter is All Grown Up, Surprisingly Normal!

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Remember Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott?

The little girl who was the subject of her dad's 2004 hit "Mockingbird" and many other events in his personal life that he made public?

Yeah, well. She isn't so little anymore!

Also known as Hailie Jade Mathers, Scott is now a student at the terrific Michigan State University. And she has an Instagram account. 

And she updates it often. And she has over 278,000 followers at the moment for one very clear reason, as you're about to find out:

She's smoking hot! And oddly like a normal college girl!

1. Look at Her Now!

Look at Her Now!
It's safe to say Scott is all grown up, huh?

2. Sorry, Eminem

Sorry, Eminem
But we're gonna be staring at this photo for awhile.

3. With Her Man

With Her Man
"Feeling extra lucky today," Scott wrote as a caption to this photo, which she shared on St. Patrick's Day.

4. Expect Her Follower Count to Rise

Expect Her Follower Count to Rise
For obvious reasons, right?

5. Eminem's Daughter

Eminem's Daughter
Eminem may have questioned how his ex-wife raised his daughter. But she has clearly turned out very well!

6. An Awfully Cute Couple

An Awfully Cute Couple
Eminem's daughter has a boyfriend. We hope he realizes just how fortunate he is.

7. Hailie in Bed

Hailie in Bed
Hailie Scott is just hanging out here in bed. And she's invited us along with her!

8. A Child Well Raised

A Child Well Raised
Hailie takes note in her caption to this photo how her pants match her closet. But we're more focused on her cleavage.

9. Slim Shady?

Slim Shady?
More like Slim Hotness!

10. A Sexy Selfie

A Sexy Selfie
Do you see the resemblance between daughter and famous father?

11. Speaking of Rapping...

Speaking of Rapping...
... we'd like to wrap our bodies around Hailie!

12. In San Francisco

In San Francisco
Hailie posed for this photo while on a trip to California.

13. Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade
They don't come much prettier than Hailie Jade Scott.

14. Going Glam on Insta

Going Glam on Insta
Hailie glams it up on the 'gram. Instagram, to be exact.

15. Hailie Graduates!

Hailie Graduates!
Now she goes to THE Michigan State University, a fine institution.

16. A High Schooler

A High Schooler
Hailie was a fresh-faced, gorgeous high schooler.

17. Mathers Throwback

Mathers Throwback
Eminem and Kim's daughter has come a long way.

18. A Casual Blast From the Past

A Casual Blast From the Past
Kids grow up so fast, don't they?

19. How Far She's Come

How Far She's Come
Here is a photo of daddy and daughter from WAY back in the day.

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