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If you remember listening to Eminem’s music in the ’90s, congrats: 

You’re officially too old to be on Snapchat!

You’re also probably aware that amidst all the odes to Vicodin and threats to disassemble his ex with a chainsaw, Em offered declarations profound love for his daughter, Hailie Jade Mathers.

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Well, as BuzzFeed reminds you on a daily basis with its "feel old yet?!" listicles, 1999 was a long time ago.

Hailie Jade is all grown up, and against the odds she seems to have developed into a happy, well-adjusted young woman who’s living a relatively run-of-the-mill existence as a student at Michigan State University.

She might pull up to class in a Rolls Royce, but for the most part she’s just your average 21-year-old college girl.

Given the obsessive nature of her father’s fan base, it’s not surprising that there’s an intense interest in Hailie on social media.

Wisely, she keeps her posts to a minimum, but what college kid in 2017 can resist posting the occasional selfie?

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The above pic has been making the rounds online today, and the Internet has reacted with the same bordering-on-creepy level of interest with which it always greets new photos of Hailie Jade.

Interestingly, it seems Em’s daughter has been hiding in plain sight this whole time, as she has an Instagram page with fewer than 60,000 followers.

(In fairness, she’s only posted 20 times, so it’s not like the millions of Slim Shady obsessives who are way too curious about his personal life have been missing out on much.)

Based on her pics, it seems Hailie has a boyfriend, and she recently enjoyed some St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans.

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Like we said, she’s really a surprisingly normal college girl.

Just one who comes from an insanely wealthy background and is cyber-stalked far more than most.

Hailie’s IG notes right in the bio that despite what other folks out there are claiming, she doesn’t have a Twitter page or private Instagram account.

The handful of pics are all there is, and it’s good that she’s making that clear, as the interest in her life (and appearance, of course) very frequently veers into Creepy Town.

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Just last week, former Teen Mom 2 star Courtland Rogers was released from prison and quickly took to Twitter to ask if anyone knew how he could get in contact with Hailie.

Several fans immediately directed him to bogus pages.

We’re not saying Rogers had anything untoward in mind … but it’s another good reminder that unless she has aspirations to be an entertainer (which she doesn’t seem to) Hailie should probably enjoy her very lush life as privately as possible.