David Eason: We Now Know He's Trying to Get Jenelle Evans Fired!

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For over a year now, David Eason has been a thorn in the side of Teen Mom 2 producers.

As you probably know, Eason was fired from the show back in February of 2018 after hurling homophobic slurs at those who urged sensitivity in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

Obviously, this presented a challenge, as producers were now tasked with filming Jenelle at her home without her husband appearing on camera.

For months, it's been rumored that Eason is making the situation even more difficult by harassing producers and making it impossible for them to compile usable footage.

Now, we have confirmation that those rumors are true.

Take a look:

1. The Freeloader

The Freeloader
David seems completely unwilling to work and perfectly happy to live off his wife's earnings.

2. The Fool

The Fool
And yet, despite his cushy situation, Eason seems hellbent on getting his wife fired and bringing an end to his family's sole source of income.

3. Shooting Himself In the Foot

Shooting Himself In the Foot
For months, it's been rumored that David is actively working to get Jenelle fired from Teen Mom 2.

4. Busted

And Monday night's episode basically confirmed that those rumors are 100 percent true.

5. The Text

The Text
Jenelle's segment began with a wall of text informing viewers that David had made it impossible for the crew to film on Jenelle's property.

6. But Why?

But Why?
Why would a grown man in his thirties with children to support threaten his family's livelihood when it seems he has nothing to gain by doing so? Well, the answer is simple:

7. David Is Actually Insane

David Is Actually Insane
We hate to diagnose someone we've never met, but there's no other word for someone this violent, unhinged, and self-destructive.

8. The Verdict Is In

The Verdict Is In
And we're certainly not alone in that assessment. In fact, the consensus among those who have worked with David seems to be that he's an abusive monster.

9. Amber's Take

Amber's Take
Last night's episode also dealt with the fallout from Amber Portwood's spot-on comments about David.

10. Remote Interview

Remote Interview
Unfortunately, Jenelle could only comment on the situation in a phone call to producer Kristen, as David had made it impossible to film her in person.

11. Jenelle's Stance

Jenelle's Stance
“I haven’t even talked to her on a personal level about anything pertaining about my life and my marriage,” Jenelle said.

12. Broken Trust

Broken Trust
“I think it’s ridiculous she can’t reach out to me privately about it, and it shows me the kind of person you are, and I don’t know how I could ever trust her again," Evans continued.

13. Not Holding Back

Not Holding Back
Amber's not one of the most beloved Teen Moms, but she spoke for everyone when she derided David as an abusive, unemployed loser.

14. Nathan Agrees

Nathan Agrees
Jenelle's previous baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, seems to wholeheartedly agree with Amber's assessment.

15. Nate's Take

Nate's Take
In fact, on Monday's episode Nathan took things a step further by revealing that he believes Jenelle is just as unstable as David.

16. Coming For Custody

Coming For Custody
“With her behavior online, her lashing out, her choice of language, her profanity, I don’t think it’s a stable environment,” Griffith said in conversation with his new girlfriend.

17. Time to Go?

Time to Go?
So David is on the verge of costing Jenelle the only job she's ever had, as well as custody of her middle child.

18. Sticking It Out

Sticking It Out
But astonishingly, it seems Jenelle has no intention of breaking up with the man who appears to be hellbent on ruining her life.

19. The Need For Victory

The Need For Victory
Those who know Jenelle best say that in her eyes, divorcing David would mean admitting defeat ... something she's unwilling to do.

20. Big-Time Irony

Big-Time Irony
Of course, that victory could wind up costing Jenelle everything.

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