Leah Messer: MTV is Making Me Look SO DUMB, Y'All!

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The stars of Teen Mom love to complain about MTV, and about how they chose to edit their footage of them.

They've been doing it for years, and it doesn't look like they'll be stopping anytime soon.

Sometimes the complaints can be valid, like when the cast claims that conversations have been spliced together to make things more dramatic.

But like when Jenelle gets mad that producers make her look bad when it's really just that she makes herself look bad?

That's a little silly.

And Leah Messer's latest complaint, if you can believe it, may be one of the silliest we've heard yet.

1. Jesus God Leah

Jesus God Leah
So, OK, let's be honest ... Leah hasn't been looking so great in recent episodes of Teen Mom 2.

2. Oh Gross

Oh Gross
This is for a few reasons, but most of them have to do with her boyfriend at the time of filming, Jason Jordan.

3. No Thanks

No Thanks
See, a lot of people don't really care for Jason, or at least they don't care for his relationship with Leah.

4. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
It's just that things moved so fast between them -- more on that in a bit -- but the thing is that Leah obviously saw an issue with her relationship, since she's broken up with him twice now.

5. Oh

The most recent breakup happened because she said that the relationship was "toxic," so that's not great.

6. Slow Down

Slow Down
But we're getting head of ourselves. Let's reel it back to these recent episodes of the show, the ones in which she's definitely with Jason.

7. Um

Quite a bit of backlash happened after last week's episode when Leah, who is on reality television because she got pregnant with twins as a teenager, seemed to have some issue understanding how birth control works.

8. Honey

In that episode, we saw her run out of her prescription for the NuvaRing, and she said that her new method of birth control was to use Plan B "as needed."

9. Not So Much

Not So Much
This wasn't a great plan because it's just not how you're supposed to use that medication -- you're supposed to use it for emergencies to stop ovulation if a condom breaks or something, not in the place of birth control.

10. Yuck

Lots of viewers took issue with this, including David Eason, who said "I wouldn’t expect anything better from this dumbass. She can hardly even form a sentence when she talks."

11. Oh Whatever

Oh Whatever
Jenelle Evans took the opportunity to slam Leah, too -- she did an Instagram Q&A in which someone asked her about Plan B, and she responded with “Plan B is emergency birth control that is used ideally within 24 hours.”

12. Wow

There's so much to say about the face that David and Jenelle think that they have any room to talk about Leah potentially being confused about birth control when Jenelle once had a positive pregnancy test and said, on camera, that she didn't know if she was actually pregnant or if it was just "leftovers" from a recent abortion.


But this is Leah's time.

14. Weird

So another strange thing happened in this week's episode when we saw that Leah and her daughters had been staying at Jason's house, and that Addie told Leah that the twins had said "mean things" about Jason after he told them to go to bed.

15. Huh

“She told me you guys said you wanted to poison Jason and Ali wanted to pinch him,” she was seen telling her oldest girls.

16. Getting Weirder

Getting Weirder
“Jason has never been mean to you guys, not once,” she told them. “If you guys feel some type of way you need to talk to us. It’s an adjustment. Instead of it just being mommy, it’ll be all of us. Someday we will probably all live together."

17. Eww

"Do we know when? No," she said, before adding "It’s going to happen.”

18. What?!

Leah then thought it would be a good idea to ask her kids if they "love" Jason, which is just uncomfortable, but it got worse when Addie answered “I like him as a friend, but I don’t like him.”

19. Yikes

“There has to be an alpha in this house when a mouth keeps going on and on,” Jason told Leah later. “I’ll shut the Internet off. You are softer. I’m not. My dad was military. I don’t want to be a stepdad dictator. But I told them that day, you’re going to respect what your mother says or you’ll sit on this couch all day long, nobody will move.”

20. Bye, Jason

Bye, Jason
So yes, so many of Leah's scenes have been weird and bad and awful lately.

21. Really?

But that's not Leah's fault, OK? It's MTV's fault.

22. Clearing Things Up

Clearing Things Up
On her podcast, she touched on the birth control thing, saying “I do not think it is something that should be used frequently, but if something would happen, I would use it. I used it as needed. If I felt like I needed it, then I would use it.”

23. Yeah, MTV

Yeah, MTV
“MTV definitely did the voice-over backward,” she explained. “They actually wanted me to make it sound like I used it as birth control, but I was very aware that you don’t use it as birth control. It’s something that you don’t use like that."

24. Sure Thing

Sure Thing
"This is how good they are with cutting episodes…not even accurate the way they cut it.”

25. SO Embarrassing

SO Embarrassing
On Twitter, she had a more general complaint, writing "I can't even tweet about the show anymore... it’s so embarrassing. Am I even watching #teenmom2 ?"

26. Explaining Things

Explaining Things
About the Jason stuff, she said "It was not a healthy relationship. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. Of course, there needed to be a storyline to why we broke up but my girls had NOTHING to do with it. We were NOT compatible and it went on for longer than it should. It happens."

27. Good

One of her followers advised her not to ask her kids if they "love" Jason, but to instead use words like "like" and "respect," and Leah replied "That’s great advice, I totally agree! They can choose to love like dislike whomever they want for sure," which is comforting.

28. Fair

Others weren't so nice, with one telling her "You should be embarrassed. That was so cringey."

29. Questionable

"Aren’t u Curious to know why the girl all of a sudden disliked Jason?" another person asked. "Earlier in the season they loved him and wanted to live with him n now they want to poison n pinch him.."

30. Well ...

Well ...
"You went out of your way the entire time trying to get your girls to like him," another person told her. "I really thought you got smarter when it came to men. Don’t ever convince your kids of how they should feel about any guy."

31. What Next?!

What Next?!
Leah's come a long way in the past few years, but things like this make it clear that she still has a lot of learning to do. Or that MTV has some better editors to hire. One of the two!

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