Farrah Abraham Releases Graphic Photo of Gross Injury, Is REALLY Starved For Attention

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In the months since Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom OG, she's done an impressive job of remaining a fixture in the tabloid headlines.

Of course, the incidents that have kept her in the spotlight are the sort of things that would lead most people to delete their social media accounts out of embarrassment.

Last month, Farrah was arrested after allegedly assaulting a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Two weeks later she ignited a feud with Mob Wives star Drita D'Avanzo that might eventually get her killed.

But don't worry -- Farrah's latest bloodshed is self-inflicted.

And just like those other incidents, she should probably be embarrassed about it -- but she's totally not.

1. Guess Who's Back

Guess Who's Back
Sure, we all want Farrah to go back to Nebraska and focus on being a real mom to daughter Sophia, but when she does something ridiculous, we just can't look away.

2. Cam Life

Cam Life
Farrah was fired from Teen Mom OG for her refusal to stop performing in live online sex shows, but the end of her reality TV career hasn't meant the end of her public life.

3. Violent Times

Violent Times
While she may have spent most of her career cashing in on sex, these days, Farrah is appealing to the other part of the Freudian unconscious mind with a series of bizarrely violent incidents.

4. Stay Classy

Stay Classy
Farrah was recently arrested after drunkenly attacking a male staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Her daughter was in the hotel at the time of the altercation.

5. Farrah vs. Drita

Farrah vs. Drita
Shortly thereafter, Farrah launched a feud with D'Avanzo after the two of them appeared at an event together. Drita has since publicly vowed to slap Farrah in the face.

6. All In a Day's Work

All In a Day's Work
Like we said, not the sort of track record most people would take pride in, but at least Farrah has found a way to remain relevant. Of course, she may have pushed the envelope too far with her latest stunt, which has really brought her to a new low ...

7. Bloody Farrah

Bloody Farrah
Farrah posted this photo of herself on Instagram this week. Even fans who are very familiar with Ms. Abraham's attention-seeking ways were shocked by the image.

8. Accident-Free

"#mondaymemories it’s been 8 days & I get my stitches out! I’ve made it 27 years with no accidents but even staying focused on business accidents happen," Farrah captioned the photo.

9. Farrah's Magic Mind

Farrah's Magic Mind
"When a blade takes out your hand & your finger can’t function - mind over matter I’m all healed & like new," she added.

10. Shoutout to Sophia

"With my angel by my side I’m always strong & the luckiest mom boss ever!" Abraham wrote.

11. Here Come the Hashtags!

Here Come the Hashtags!
Of course, it wouldn't be a ridiculous Farrah post without a bajillion hahstags, so she concluded: "#mondaymotivation #bossbabe #strong #babeonduty #blessed #livingmybestlife #girlpower #healed #singlemom #femaleempire #moneymoves #nopainnogain #farrahabraham #OG #sophiaabraham #staypositive #ER"

12. The Breakdown

Let's pause for a moment to dissect just how bonkers this post really is, shall we?

13. Immune to Mistakes

Immune to Mistakes
Farrah kicks things off by claiming that she's never been involved in any sort of accident in her 27 years on the planet. Has she forgotten how she became famous?

14. Blaming the Blade

Blaming the Blade
From there, she writes about a "blade" taking her out like she's some sort of samurai warrior, when really she probably just cut her herself slicing a tomato or something.

15. Keeping Us in the Dark

Keeping Us in the Dark
Many fans were quick to point out that -- despite her lengthy caption -- Farrah never actually revealed how she cut herself.

16. We Can Handle the Truth!

"You didn’t even explain how it happened. A ton of people cut themselves every day and [break] their bones. Please learn how to explain things clearer," wrote one irate follower.

17. "Pathetic" Is the Right Word

"Pathetic" Is the Right Word
As for who took the pic, that also remains a mystery. "Who did you have to pay to take that photo just to get attention? Lol, pathetic," wrote another "fan."

18. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah Being Farrah
Of course, the fact that the post is graphic and filled with foolish boasts while offering no actual insight shouldn't come as much of a surprise. After all, say what you will about the girl ...

19. She Knows How to Keep Our Attention

She Knows How to Keep Our Attention
Like it or not, Farrah probably isn't going away anytime soon. She knows how to make herself the center of attention, and since she doesn't care if that attention is positive or negative, it'll probably never be in short supply.

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