Duggar Interview Prompts Horrified Internet Reaction

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On Wednesday night, Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar sat down with Megyn Kelly to discuss the sexual molestation scandal surrounding son Josh Duggar.

Throughout the Q&A, the Duggars defended their response to Josh's heinous actions, saying parents are not "mandatory reporters" when it comes to sexual abuse.

They also objected to Josh being labeled a "pedophile" because he was not 16 years of age at the time of the abuse, while Michelle actually said Jessa and Jill Duggar have been victimized more by the coverage of this scandal than by their brother's actions all those years ago.

How does the average person feel about Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar seeming more concerned about the protection of juvenile records than the protection of young girls touched by their son?

Here is a rundown of Twitter responses to their Fox News interview...

1. If It Weren't Josh Duggar...

If It Weren't Josh Duggar...
This Tweet may say it all. Can you imagine the outrage if a non-family member molestated the Duggars' daughters?

2. Something is Wrong...

Something is Wrong...
Sexual abuse is sexual abuse. Words and terms do matter, Duggars.

3. More Than a Mistake

More Than a Mistake
A "mistake" is when a restaurant messes up your order. Not when a 15-year old touches the private parts of his sisters.

4. Oh, God...

Oh, God...
God may want to have a chat with the Duggars one of these days.

5. Making It About Themselves

Making It About Themselves
The Duggars feared they "failed" as parents due to their son's actions. They are right. But this also isn't about them.

6. Who Did They Talk To?!?

Who Did They Talk To?!?
Perhaps the police ought to call up Jim Bob and Michelle's phone records.

7. The Duggars are Appalling

The Duggars are Appalling
We mean... isn't it almost more disgusting to touch someone who is asleep and unaware of your actions?


Michelle Duggar was asked about the hypocrisy of robocalls she had made in an attempt to fight a law promoting LGBT rights. She waited six seconds before giving a vague answer.

9. Just to Be Clear...

Just to Be Clear...
This really is what the Duggars believe, isn't it?

10. You Go, Montel Williams!

You Go, Montel Williams!
Give Montel Williams for being the most outspoken celebrity on this terrible topic.

11. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Pot. Kettle. Black.
You can't feature your children on reality TV and then complain when TV covers a scandal involving your children. You just can't.

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