Beyonce & Jay Z Had Sex, Posted Photos Online

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Beyonce and Jay Z totally did it last night! We know, because the proof is all over the Internet.

No the Carters didn't make a sex tape, and Bey hasn't released another TMI song about "cigars on ice." She did, however, post a series of images on Tumblr that basically work like a flip-book of Jay and Bey sexy time.

Surprisingly, the images are mostly SFW. Obviously, they're not as wholesome as the Blue Ivy vacation photos that Bey posted last week, but you probably won't get judged too harshly if someone walks by your cubicle. 

The best thing about these pics, (aside from Beyonce's butt) might be the fact that Mrs. Carter clearly learned her lesson from the  controversy over the "Feeling Myself" music video:

It's always better to sip Ace of Spades as part of a sexy night at home than to dump the wildly expensive champagne into a hot tub.

Take note, broke-ass couples who plan on one day being baller:

1. Beyonce Sexy Selfie

Beyonce Sexy Selfie
Beyonce enjoys taking the occasional sexy selfie. Not like a Kardashian, or anything; she actually keeps her clothes on. It's all in the eyes with Bey.

2. Beyonce Butt Selfie

Beyonce Butt Selfie
Beyonce's latest round of selfies get pretty suggestive. Here's a close-up of Mrs. Carter's butt.

3. Ace of Spades for Bey and Jay

Ace of Spades for Bey and Jay
Champagne on ice, champagne on ice. Something tells us these two were seriously drunk in love on the night these pics were taken.

4. Beyonce's Seductive Pose

Beyonce's Seductive Pose
This is Queen Bey giving you "the look." Like we said, she's not really going for subtlety here.

5. Beyonce Underwear Photo

Beyonce Underwear Photo
This is a pic of Beyonce's underwear and heels on the floor next to a rose. You don't have to be Columbo to figure out what went on.

6. Jay Z: Bored, Busy, Beyonce-less

Jay Z: Bored, Busy, Beyonce-less
Bey shared this pic of a bored-looking Jay Z along with all of the sexy images she'd been posting throughout the night. Is she trying to say her seduction attempt failed? Jay, we'll hang out with her if you're too busy, bruh!

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