Chip and Joanna Gaines Are Actually Getting Dragged for Their Pregnancy

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Well... this is a new one.

As previously reported, Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their fifth child.

The Fixer Upper made this announcement via a very cute photo (below) and most fans are extremely excited for them.

Most fans. But not all fans.

Some folks out there are giving the Fixer Upper stars a hard time for procreating once again, and you won't believe the reason(s) why.

Scroll down to find out...

1. We're Pregnant!

We're Pregnant!
This is how the couple confirmed the exciting news, with Chip writing as a caption: "Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT) @joannagaines"

2. When Did This Happen?

When Did This Happen?
Chip has actually gone ahead and revealing the night that some music led to some love making, which led to a baby. He's the best, isn't he?

3. The Ultrasound

The Ultrasound
Joanna chimed in on the pregnancy with proof... and with another funny comment by Chip.

4. So... What's the Problem?

So... What's the Problem?
We should all just be happy for Chip and Joanna, shouldn't we? They really do seem like such a fun and living couple.

5. Okay, Slow Down

Okay, Slow Down
We're all happy for Chip and Joanna. But we were happier when people we actually knew had this news. Still: this is the right sort of response.

6. This Isn't About You

This Isn't About You
But still. At least this person is happy for Chip and Joanna, however. Well done.

7. But Then the Trolls Came Out

But Then the Trolls Came Out
Amidst unverified rumors that Joanna and Chip were struggling with their marriage, this person just assumes they had a baby to save said marriage. Way to judge AND presume, Twitter user.

8. Who Says Anything Was Broken?!?

Who Says Anything Was Broken?!?
Seriously, don't believe everything you read online. We can say this with experience because we're a website.

9. For the Record:

For the Record:
"I don't do great with seeing that kind of stuff, reading into it, I just don't know what's going on," Joanna told Today in response to what she considered random and misguided divorce chatter late last year, adding: "So then I'll hear someone come up to me and say, 'I hear you and Chip are getting a divorce.' I'm like, 'Where did you hear?' You know, I don't know any of this is going on."

10. Can't Say We Considered This Take Before

Can't Say We Considered This Take Before
We wonder how this person feels about the Duggar family. Yikes!

11. And This Previous Person Isn't Alone

And This Previous Person Isn't Alone
Is the issue of over-population really a thing? Are people really concerned about this affecting the planet? We had no idea.

12. Parents are Now "POS Breeders," Apparently

Parents are Now "POS Breeders," Apparently
This is good to know. (We're just kidding. This is terrible to know, that folks out there really feel this way.)

13. Jesus Christ, Andrew Guthrie

Jesus Christ, Andrew Guthrie
You don't really know how vaginas work, do you? Like... at all?

14. We'll Make This Simple for Everyone

We'll Make This Simple for Everyone
What Chip and Joanna do with their private parts and their family is entirely THEIR business, not yours. We're choosing to be happy for them. If you are not... just keep it to yourself.

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