David Eason to Jenelle Evans: You're Bad In Bed and I'm Gonna Tell the World Your Secrets!

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From the moment we learned that Jenelle Evans had filed for divorce from David Eason, we knew the situation would eventually turn ugly.

But we never predicted things would get this bad this quickly.

Last week, Jenelle was granted a restraining order against David after presenting evidence of abuse and death threats in family court.

Apparently, Eason was caught off guard by this development, and -- as The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out -- he's now lashing out at Jenelle on social media.

Given how much is at stake, we thought David might actually keep his mouth shut for once in hope of ensuring the best possible outcome in court.

It seems we gave him a bit too much credit -- which is surprising, as we really don't give the guy much credit at all. For anything. Ever.

Here's the latest on this increasingly frightening situation:


1. Exes at War

Exes at War
David Eason is going on the attack again. And this time, the target is his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Jenelle Evans.

2. Thirtieth Time's the Charm

Thirtieth Time's the Charm
Jenelle and David have separated many times over the course of their 2-year marriage. So perhaps David thought this would be just another temporary split. Clearly, Jenelle has something more permanent in mind.

3. Free at Last

Free at Last
Jenelle has fled the property she once shared with David, and she's now safely living in a different state with two of her three children. (Her eldest, Jace, is believed to be living with his grandmother.)

4. His Old Tricks

His Old Tricks
When Jenelle first left him, David threw one of his signature social media tantrums, but then he quieted down for a few days. It was widely assumed that his legal team had cautioned him against airing his grievances in a public setting.

5. The Illusion of Sanity

The Illusion of Sanity
For a day or two, David did his best to feign normalcy, posting pics of activities he and his daughter, Maryssa, had enjoyed in Jenelle's absence.

6. Good Times?

Good Times?
Maybe David just trotted his daughter out as a prop. Maybe the two of them have genuinely been enjoying each other's company since Jenelle's been gone. Tough to say. All we know for sure is that the period of ostensible normalcy was short-lived, and David is back aboard the crazy train.

7. Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights
Things started off innocently enough, with David joking about a fit of insomnia.

8. Don't Be Silly

Don't Be Silly
Based on his comment about waking up early, some fans mistakenly concluded that David had gotten a job. Rest assured he'll continue doing everything in his power to avoid that unpleasant fate.

9. Someone Needs a Nap

Someone Needs a Nap
Within hours of finishing his breakfast of bacon and farm-fresh eggs, David was back to ranting and raving about Jenelle and hinting at the many secrets he plans to reveal in the weeks to come.

10. Violent Insanity + Misogyny = David

Violent Insanity + Misogyny = David
And it wouldn't be a David Eason rant if it wasn't peppered with crass jokes targeted at the mother of one of his children.

11. Nice Try

Nice Try
When a commenter pointed out to David how gross he was being, he attempted to pass the whole thing off as a misunderstanding. It's common for the dimwitted to think everyone is as feeble-minded as they are.

12. See What We Mean?

See What We Mean?
Take this counter-argument, for example. David thinks if he just continues to muddy the waters enough, everyone will get confused and say, "Jeez, I guess the mountain of evidence that he's an abusive psychopath is misleading, and he's actually not such a bad guy!"

13. And Here Come the Threats

And Here Come the Threats
Again, David has probably been instructed by his attorneys not to discuss his divorce publicly ... but he just can't help himself.

14. The War to Come

The War to Come
So is there anything behind those threats? Does David actually have a ton of damaging information on Jenelle? Well, even a lifelong pathological liar has to tell the truth sometimes -- and in this case, we believe him.

15. Mutually Assured Destruction

David and Jenelle may not have been together very long, but their two-year marriage saw countless allegations of abuse and neglect, with cops being called out to The Land numerous times. David even received a visit from the freakin' Secret Service once!

16. One Long Rough Patch

There were 911 calls, slaughtered pets, blowout fights, accusations of physical violence and extreme abuse -- you name it, it (allegedly) happened on The Land.

17. The Worst Is Yet to Come

The Worst Is Yet to Come
What we're saying is -- yes, David probably has all kinds of damaging information on Jenelle. But as they say, that knife cuts both ways.

18. Still the Bad Guy

Still the Bad Guy
Jenelle almost certainly has even more appalling secrets to reveal about David. After all, a lot of the stuff we already know about the guy is so shocking it's difficult to believe.

19. What a Guy

What a Guy
Let's not forget there's good reason that Eason hasn't filmed a scene for Teen Mom 2 since 2017. He was canned by producers for hurling homophobic slurs at fans who encouraged him to be a bit more sensitive to survivors in the hours after the Parkland school shooting.

20. Tearing It All Down

Tearing It All Down
Being the ultra-mature grownup that he is, David decided that if he wasn't allowed to film, Jenelle shouldn't be either. And so, he stalked and harassed the show's crew until they finally gave up and stopped filming on The Land.

21. A Failed Compromise

A Failed Compromise
Producers decided to keep Jenelle on the show and only film in safe environments. But David still wasn't satisfied.

22. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
Some say he did it because he resented Jenelle's status as the family breadwinner. Others say he simply has no control over his psychotic temper. For whatever reason, in May of this year, David beat, shot, and killed Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, Nugget, setting in motion a chain of events that would lead to the end of their marriage and her career,

23. Jenelle's Misstep

Jenelle's Misstep
Despite the fact that Jenelle and David's marriage was reportedly already near its breaking point, Evans decided to stand by her man and help him avoid the consequences of his crime.

24. The Beginning of the End

The Beginning of the End
Shortly thereafter, Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2, bringing to an end a decade-long collaboration with MTV and the only job she had ever held as a grownup.

25. Hard Times

Hard Times
Evans was reportedly being paid $400,000/year toward the end of her tenure. In the months since her termination, she's participated in several failed business ventures, including a cosmetics line that almost immediately went bust.

26. The Real Damage

The Real Damage
Even worse, David's slaughtering of the dog led to a CPS investigation that caused Jenelle to lose custody of her children.

27. Winning the Battle, Losing the War

Winning the Battle, Losing the War
After weeks of messy legal wrangling, Evans' kids were eventually returned to her, but it seems the damage to her marriage has already been done.

28. Jenelle Returns Fire

Jenelle Returns Fire
So yes, we believe Eason when he says he has the ability to ruin what remains of Jenelle's reputation. We also believe she can say the same. In fact, this may well be the end of public life for both of them.

29. Priorities

Fortunately, Jenelle is now safe and sound, and doing what she should have been doing all along -- focusing on the safety and happiness of her children. She posted this photo today from an undisclosed location.

30. Hope For the Future

Hope For the Future
Here's hoping she can continue to do so in the face of continued threats from her menacing ex.

31. More to Come ...

More to Come ...
We'll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

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