David Eason to Jenelle Evans: You're Bad In Bed and I'm Gonna Tell the World Your Secrets!

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From the moment we learned that Jenelle Evans had filed for divorce from David Eason, we knew the situation would eventually turn ugly.

But we never predicted things would get this bad this quickly.

Last week, Jenelle was granted a restraining order against David after presenting evidence of abuse and death threats in family court.

Apparently, Eason was caught off guard by this development, and -- as The Ashley's Reality Roundup points out -- he's now lashing out at Jenelle on social media.

Given how much is at stake, we thought David might actually keep his mouth shut for once in hope of ensuring the best possible outcome in court.

It seems we gave him a bit too much credit -- which is surprising, as we really don't give the guy much credit at all. For anything. Ever.

Here's the latest on this increasingly frightening situation:


1. Exes at War

Exes at War
David Eason is going on the attack again. And this time, the target is his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Jenelle Evans.

2. Thirtieth Time's the Charm

Thirtieth Time's the Charm
Jenelle and David have separated many times over the course of their 2-year marriage. So perhaps David thought this would be just another temporary split. Clearly, Jenelle has something more permanent in mind.

3. Free at Last

Free at Last
Jenelle has fled the property she once shared with David, and she's now safely living in a different state with two of her three children. (Her eldest, Jace, is believed to be living with his grandmother.)

4. His Old Tricks

His Old Tricks
When Jenelle first left him, David threw one of his signature social media tantrums, but then he quieted down for a few days. It was widely assumed that his legal team had cautioned him against airing his grievances in a public setting.

5. The Illusion of Sanity

The Illusion of Sanity
For a day or two, David did his best to feign normalcy, posting pics of activities he and his daughter, Maryssa, had enjoyed in Jenelle's absence.

6. Good Times?

Good Times?
Maybe David just trotted his daughter out as a prop. Maybe the two of them have genuinely been enjoying each other's company since Jenelle's been gone. Tough to say. All we know for sure is that the period of ostensible normalcy was short-lived, and David is back aboard the crazy train.

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