Briana DeJesus: My Baby Daddy Has the Clap, So Watch Out, Y'All!

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Hey, remember Luis Miguel?

Honestly, we understand if you don't. Dude was only on Teen Mom 2 for about five seconds after he got Briana DeJesus pregnant.

Still, even though you may be more familiar with him as the MIA father of Briana's second child, Stella, he's not out of the picture.

Anyway, we're talking about Luis on THG today because Briana just brought him up again. And what she had to say ... well ...

At least now it makes a little bit of sense that he's staying away. From her, and hopefully any other young woman looking to date.

What do we mean? Buckle up.

1. The Choices We Make

The Choices We Make
Briana DeJesus is a single mother of two girls, as we know. She's got her eight-year-old daughter, Nova, and then there's Stella, who turned two a few months ago.

2. Oh Hey, Devoin

Oh Hey, Devoin
Nova's father is Devoin Austin, and honestly, he's not a super active dad. It was only this year that Briana allowed him to spend time with Nova outside of her home, and it went so badly that she didn't allow him to see Nova for a while.

3. ... And Luis

... And Luis
Devoin certainly set a low bar, but his fellow baby daddy has yet to clear it. Dude is way more involved than Luis Miguel, Stella's father.

4. Such Romance

Such Romance
Briana became pregnant after a drunken hookup with Luis in a club. DeJesus wasn't dating him or anything, she's said that the only reason she got pregnant was because she got too drunk and made questionable decisions. (Hey, at least she's honest.)

5. Making It Work?

Making It Work?
After she found out she was pregnant, she and Luis sort of attempted a relationship. It did not go well.

6. Wow

Briana does not hold back, and was open about the fact that she did consider having an abortion. Somewhat surprisingly, Luis did not approve. He wanted to raise their child together.

7. Ridiculous

But then it turned out that he was cheating on her, so needless to say that didn't really work out.

8. Fair

After she found out about the cheating, she was done trying to be with Luis romantically, and she brought up the topic of placing their baby for adoption. Again Luis refused, and he told her he still wanted to have the baby together.

9. There's Stella!

There's Stella!
Ultimately, Briana decided to keep the baby, and when precious little Stella was born, she went home with Briana to live with big sister Nova as well as Briana's mother and sister.

10. Impressive

And as for Luis? Well, despite all of that talk about raising the child together and whatnot, he pretty much disappeared. Borderline ghosting.

11. Gone

We've heard an update or two from Briana about his whereabouts in the past year and a half - he went to school to learn to be a truck driver for a bit at one point, we remember that.

12. A Disappointment

A Disappointment
But for the most part he just sort of split. That's nothing short of a jackass move, and wholly disappointing, because it shouldn't be that hard to show up for your kids to the best of your ability.

13. Poor Stella

Poor Stella
From what Briana has said, he rarely sees Stella, and he really doesn't even call her - we saw on this season of Teen Mom 2 that Stella was closer with Briana's boyfriend at the time than she was with her own father, because Luis just did not put in any effort.

14. Pitiful

He doesn't seem to even provide anything for Stella financially - he was paying for daycare for her for a little bit, then stopped. Briana's said that even when he made money from being on the show, Stella didn't see any of it.

15. Deserved

She's gone off on him a few times on social media, which is more than fair - like, he was on MTV, on Teen Mom 2, begging her to keep the kid so they could raise it together, and then when she decided to keep the baby despite serious doubts, fool did nothing.

16. Dang

Clearly there's no love lost, and we can't fault her for that. But the latest bombs she dropped are pretty crazy, even for her.

17. Some Background

Some Background
So, okay, Luis did come around a couple of weeks ago. Briana shared some stuff on her Instagram of him playing with Stella and helping Nova with her homework. That's all well and good.

18. Why Though?

Why Though?
It was strange, at the same time, because as we've been saying, he just doesn't come around. But a couple of days ago, Briana provided an explanation on Twitter as to why Luis showed his face.

19. Ahhhh

"How u got the nerve to only want to be around bc of me and not ur kid???????" she wrote.

20. Hmm

Now, she didn't name names there, so she could have been talking about Devoin, but we're 99 percent sure this about Luis.

21. Oh, Luis ...

Oh, Luis ...
He just visited, after all, and Briana had just bragged about him helping with the girls, so it would make sense if she felt foolish if it turned out he wasn't really interested in doing any parenting.

22. Well ...

Well ...
(Also, we're pretty sure Devoin hasn't thought about Briana romantically in a good long while - Nova was conceived almost a decade ago - but that's beside the point.)

23. What's Happening?

What's Happening?
When Briana posted about Luis visiting, a lot of people though that they might have been sleeping together again, or that they might start doing so in the near future, so that sort of goes along with her tweet, right?

24. No No No No NO

No No No No NO
But even if that was just the tiniest bit true, she made it clear with her next post that she was 100 percent done with Luis. If you could be more than 100 percent done with something, she would be.

25. Man Alive

Man Alive
Yep. She posted that. Read it again.

26. No She Did NOT

No She Did NOT
"If you f-c-ed my bald baby daddy in the last two years - go get checked cause he got the clap!" Briana posted this on her Instagram story. Those were words she saw fit to share with the world.

27. Neat!

"The Clap" is a fun little way to refer to gonorrhea. She's saying that Luis has gonorrhea. That's a sexually-transmitted disease and it's nasty.

28. So Much Information

So Much Information
As far as STIs go, it could obviously be much worse - assuming it's even true, and not just a sick burn (no pun intended) - but still, we're sure Luis isn't too happy about being put on blast like this.

29. What a Feud

What a Feud
Whatever inspired her to post this, we don't know, but it must've been a doozy. It's clear that something happened between them recently to make their relationship even worse that it was, which is really saying something.

30. Something to Consider

Something to Consider
Does whatever happened have anything to with Briana's knowledge of his alleged gonorrhea? It's hard to say, although it does make you wonder, in light of the remark about him wanting to be around her, not the kid. Hmm.

31. Bummer

Unless she manages to become even more chatty than she has been, we might have to wait until the next season of Teen Mom 2 for more answers. Buckle up.

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