Briana DeJesus: I Still Hate John Rodriguez!

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When Briana DeJesus first started dating John Rodriguez, fans were convinced she'd found "the one."

Unlike her relationship with Javi Marroquin, Briana actually seemed fully invested in this romance.

And because this is Teen Mom 2 we're talking about, the two of them started discussing marriage and family from day one -- that's just what happens on this show.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be, and DeJesus and Rodriguez broke up earlier this year.

But due to the lag in TM2 production time, we're only just now seeing footage that captures how their relationship ended.

And it seems that there was a period of time in which Briana had fully lost interest in John but simply couldn't bring herself to cut him loose.

Take a look:

1. The End of an Era

The End of an Era
Briana DeJesus and John Rodriguez have called it quits. And thanks to recent episodes of Teen Mom 2, we're learning all about the messy end of their relationship.

2. A Long-Distance Affair

A Long-Distance Affair
Briana and Johnny faced major hurdles from the start, of course. He lives in New York City; she's in Orlando, and her travel options are limited by being a single mom.

3. Making It Work

Making It Work
But there was a time when Briana and Johnny were hell-bent on making it work. Unfortunately, they both seemed to lose interest at the same time, but neither of them wanted to be the one to pull the plug.

4. The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice
At one point, Johnny was even willing to leave his beloved New York City behind and relocate to Orlando. But on last night's Teen Mom 2, Briana sent a pretty strong passive-aggressive message that he should not do that.

5. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
There was a time when Briana was desperately trying to convince John to move to Florida. Then, out of the blue, she just seemed to -- lose interest.

6. Real Estate Ghosting

Real Estate Ghosting
She traveled to New York and met his family, and then -- rather unexpectedly -- she up and bought a house. This house had room for her mother and sister, but none for John.

7. Sending a Message

Sending a Message
Speaking with a friend, DeJesus made it clear that she wouldn't be moving anytime soon, and she didn't want John and her mother to live under the same roof. In other words, she was not planning to live with John anymore.

8. An Awkward Encounter

An Awkward Encounter
John flew down from New York to figure out WTF was going on, and Briana cold-shouldered him HARD.

9. The Blow-Off

The Blow-Off
They barely talked; they didn't kiss when he got odd the plane. Reader, the whole thing was awkward AF, and we were feeling some major second-hand embarrassment.

10. Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End
Needless to say, had we seen this footage back when the episode was filmed, Briana and John's breakup would not have come as a surprise.

11. Meth Problems

Meth Problems
Elsewhere in the episode, Jade Cline was dealing with an even more pressing problem, as her parents were still in jail, having been arrested for possession of meth the week prior.

12. Shawn Drama

Shawn Drama
This meant that for parenting assistance, Jade was forced to turn to baby daddy Shawn, a man whose appearance and personality can best be described as "next-level greasy."

13. Working Mom

Working Mom
Jade is a throwback to the old days of Teen Mom, when the franchise was actually concerned with young, struggling single mothers, not jet-setting celebs. As such she still has a job.

14. Jaded

So she needed Shawn to watch their daughter while she worked -- but he seemed more interested in getting back together. The scene was pretty depressing, which is probably why the folks at TM2 made the dubious decision to stop producing this kind of content.

15. Escapism

Getting back to the rich and famous moms, Kail surprised her kids with their new house, which was already fully furnished and decorated.

16. The Small Stuff

The Small Stuff
Hey, a brand new house might not be as exciting for the kids as one of the many lavish vacations they've taken in recent months, but Kail is TRYING, dammit!

17. Designing Woman

Designing Woman
Speaking of "fabulously wealthy folk problems," Chelsea was still dealing with anxiety issues she dealt with during the launch of her clothing line.

18. A Serious Issue

A Serious Issue
We're not trying to downplay Chelsea's panic attacks. That's a serious medical issue that millions of Americans have dealt with.

19. A Different World

But the fact that it happened at the launch of her clothing line is a reminder that this show could use more cast members like Jade in order to help it get back to its roots -- before it's too late.

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