David Eason Details Slaughter of Nugget; Jenelle Implies She Has Cancer in Latest Word Salad [UPDATED]

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WARNING: The following post contains some rather graphic details of the abuse and execution of a defenseless animal.

Yes, David Eason is even sicker than we thought, y'all.

As you've no doubt heard by now, Eason shot and killed his wife's pet dog, a small French bulldog by the name of Nugget.

Nauseating new details of the situation are still rolling in, nearly a week later, and frankly, we can't believe what we're hearing.

Oh, and on top of everything else, Jenelle is hinting that she has cancer ... we think. Maybe. She's not happy, that's for sure.

You can check out the latest information below, but proceed with caution -- that trigger warning at the top of the page was no joke. 

1. David the Monster

David the Monster
We've known for quite some time that David is a genuinely horrible human being. But somehow, the news that he murdered his wife's pet dog still came as a shock.

2. RIP, Nugget

RIP, Nugget
On Wednesday, we learned that David had shot and killed Nugget on the property he and Jenelle own in North Carolina.

3. Peddling BS

David claimed his actions were the result of Nugget biting his 2-year-old daughter Ensley on the face -- he even posted this video as "proof" -- but we now know he was lying.

4. Not Smart Enough to Pull This Off

Not Smart Enough to Pull This Off
For starters, David admitted that the relatively tame incident he captured on video did not take place on the day of the shooting. In fact, it wasn't even recent.

5. Not Fooling Anyone

Not Fooling Anyone
He also posted this photo of the "injuries" that Ensley sustained from her dog bite. As many commenters have pointed out, there's no bite mark or punctured skin, and the child does not appear to be injured or upset.

6. The Bullsh-t Artist

The Bullsh-t Artist
“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face,” David dramatically wrote on Instagram AFTER news of the incident went public. “Whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that s—t at all.

7. The Lies Never Stop

The Lies Never Stop
"I’m all about protecting my family, it is my life's mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me," he continued. Of course, we now know there's nothing truthful about his account.

8. Pure Evil

Pure Evil
According to a new report from The Blast (virtually always a reliable source on such matters), David beat Nugget so savagely that he was "covered in blood" by the time he was through.

9. What a Guy

What a Guy
One insider tells the outlet that David "sprung up, grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it on the ground."

10. Horrifying

The source says that Eason "rained punches down on the animal’s head, and everyone in the house was too terrified to stop him." He eventually threw the dog outside, where he proceeded to shoot it.

11. The Facts

The Facts
It's an almost unbelievably appalling scene, but sadly, the description seems to be accurate, and the account is corroborated by text messages sent by Jenelle.

12. It Keeps Getting Worse

It Keeps Getting Worse
"She ran away to the woods and he chased her and shot her," Jenelle texted an unidentified friend the day of the shooting.

13. The Wrong Weapon

The Wrong Weapon
Jenelle confirms the rumor that David shot the dog from close range with a shotgun, writing, "I heard the gunshot in the living room. He only had a shotgun not a pistol too holy sh*t."

14. Traumatic

From there, Jenelle revealed that she feared for the lives of her other pets, as well.

15. If Only ...

If Only ...
Jenelle texted, "No one knows he's already going to jail tomorrow and he's freaking out. He's been texting me the whole time," but obviously, that didn't happen.

16. The Big Decision

The Big Decision
As for her response to David's pleas for forgiveness, Jenelle says, "Sorry, I don't care ... Nugget won't come back. He still won't answer me."

17. The Right Thing For Once

The Right Thing For Once
Finally, Jenelle is making a decision we can support. Here's hoping she sticks to her guns (no pun intended).

18. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed
"At this time, we are dealing with this rough situation. I want to focus on what's best for me and my kids," Evans told Us Weekly on Wednesday. "[Divorce is] in thoughts, but nothing is finalized."

19. Feeling the Pressure

Jenelle needs to leave David for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that he's created an environment that's obviously unsafe for her children. But she may also be feeling pressure from outside sources ...

20. Walls Closing In

Walls Closing In
After being flooded with complaints, animal control officers paid a visit to Evans and Eason's home this afternoon.

21. The Law Is Coming

The Law Is Coming
Jenelle was reportedly not present at the time, and TMZ is reporting that the investigators were "scared off" by a pitbull and a series of "no trespassing" signs.

22. Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts

Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts
On top of all that, MTV might have no choice but to fire Jenelle if she chooses to remain with David. Viewers are pressuring advertisers to pull out of the show.

23. Strange Happenings

Strange Happenings
In addition to everything else, Jenelle has been behaving very strangely on social media. First, she seemed to suggest that she's afflicted with thyroid cancer.

24. Beefin' With the Easons

Beefin' With the Easons
From there, she stated that she's feuding with David's mom, which gave us hope that she really will divorce his ass. Unfortunately ...

25. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
She then launched into a defense, getting David's back in his ongoing feud with his mom.

26. Anyone's Guess

Anyone's Guess
There's no telling where this mess might lead from here, but we'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you posted.

27. UPDATE: On the Move

UPDATE: On the Move
It seems that Jenelle has not only left home -- she's also left her home state.

28. Ready For Derby Weekend?

Ready For Derby Weekend?
According to her latest Instagram Story, Jenelle is staying with her friend Jamie Wilshire in Kentucky.

29. Fans Want More Info

Fans Want More Info
It's unclear if her kids are with her. And sadly, it seems she's left her other animals at home with David.

30. As For David ...

As For David ...
Insiders say Eason has hired a lawyer in preparation for facing criminal charges.

31. Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
So buckle up, folks, because it looks like this whole thing is about to get even uglier!

32. Jenelle Calls Out THG

Jenelle Calls Out THG
Yes, according to Jenelle, The Hollywood Gossip is the source you can't trust, when all we've done is post her comments on the situation. As for the insinuation that we don't report anything positive ... Dave just shot her dog. That was the news we reported. Just saying.

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