Jenelle Evans: Do Teen Mom Fans Finally Hate Her More than Farrah Abraham?!

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Jenelle Evans has always been a mess, and that's always made for good reality TV.

The same goes for Farrah Abraham.

But there's just something about Farrah that makes pretty much everyone who's ever seen a single episode of Teen Mom hate her so much.

It's honestly kind of impressive.

However, with everything going on with Jenelle this week, there seems to be a change in the air.

Is someone actually more hated than Farrah now?!

1. The Beginning

The Beginning
While Jenelle and Farrah are definitely two of the most controversial figures in all the Teen Mom universe, they have very different stories.

2. What a Throwback

What a Throwback
When we first met Farrah on her episode of 16 and Pregnant, she was a cheerleader in high school, living with her mother and father and dealing with her on-again, off-again boyfriend who tragically passed away before she gave birth to Sophia.

3. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
As for Jenelle, she was a stoner with an older boyfriend who promised to always be there for her and their baby (spoiler: that was a lie) and a mother who became an icon (love you, Barbara!).

4. Similarities

Both girls had bad attitudes and strained relationships with their parents and the fathers of their children, and they were both dramatic enough to secure spots on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, respectively.

5. Differences

But the ways in which they were (and continue to be) terrible? They're pretty different.

6. Our Girl Farrah

Our Girl Farrah
Farrah ... you guys know Farrah. The usual issues fans have with her is that she's so disrespectful to her parents and basically everyone she ever comes across, she got into porn and plastic surgery, and she's always treated Sophia like a little adult.

7. Not Cool

Not Cool
She's said that she and Sophia take nude photos of each other and save them on their phones, she takes her when she gets butt injections so she can film it for social media.

8. Um ...

Um ...
She pulled poor Sophia out of school so she could homeschool her, which is so wild because she can barely even string together a coherent sentence herself, and she drags her all around the world without much teaching seeming to be involved.

9. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
It's a sensitive subject, but many fans of the show are concerned that Sophia isn't getting the education she deserves, and that she's also struggling emotionally because, well, who wouldn't in her situation?

10. Yikes

Remember that thing about Sophia possibly killing their dog last year? Strangely enough, this isn't the only instance of dog murder we'll be talking about today, but this one was definitely full of red flags.

11. And Another Thing!

And Another Thing!
Oh, and all those trips around the world we mentioned? Lots of people think it's because Farrah is working as an escort now that the MTV money has run dry.

12. What a Time

What a Time
All of this, and really everything about Farrah, means that Teen Mom viewers really, really dislike her.

13. The Proof

The Proof
If you don't believe us, just look at the comments on any of her Instagram posts, or any comments about her anywhere on the internet, really.

14. So Much Hate

So Much Hate
People love calling her names like "slut" and "horse face," which is unfortunate, because there's so much to dislike about Farrah without pulling her sex tape or her appearance into it.

15. Look

Like, if you get on Twitter right now and search her name, all you have to do is scroll through a few news stories to get to some random person who tweeted "Farrah Abraham might be the most annoying bitch ever" for no apparent reason.

16. Dang

It's crazy, because other controversial moms like Jenelle and Amber Portwood have always managed to have supporters, people who are quick to point out how much they've grown and how much better they're doing these days. Farrah never gets that.

17. Facts

So even though other Teen Moms may have done worse things than Farrah, and even though they may be worse mothers, she's always been, without a doubt, the most hated cast member.

18. But Wait!

But Wait!
But after this week, Jenelle sure is giving her a run for her money.

19. Memories

To be clear, Jenelle's never been a fan favorite or anything. How could she be, after losing custody of her first child because she was too busy smoking weed and partying all night to take care of him?

20. Wow

Jenelle really was such a huge mess back in the day. She got arrested all the time, and she was so mean to her mother even though she was the one who stepped up to raise Jace.

21. Classic

Like Farrah, Jenelle has always been just super, super simple -- remember when she thought she could get out of going to jail because she had tickets to a Kesha concert?

22. Too Much

Too Much
Instead of working to get custody of Jace, she kept smoking weed and getting arrested, and later she developed a heroin addiction and got married to a dude named Courtland for a few months.

23. Sure

She then got engaged to Nathan Griffith and had a planned pregnancy with him, resulting in her second child, Kaiser -- still with no custody of Jace.

24. Remarkable

She split with Nathan before they could get married, and a month later she was with David Eason. She got pregnant, then had a miscarriage, then got pregnant again and gave birth to little Ensley.

25. So Sad

So Sad
Months after that, she went to mediation with her mother where she agreed to her mother getting permanent custody of Jace -- they could have gone to trial, but Jenelle chose to settle on that agreement, likely because she didn't have a chance of getting custody anyway.

26. Ugh

David, as we all know, is the worst, and there have been plenty of reports that he's abusive to both Jenelle and Kaiser, and they neglect all the kids.

27. Hard to Dispute

Hard to Dispute
One of those reports came from Jenelle herself -- last fall, she called 911 and told them that David had knocked her down and pinned her to the ground so hard she thought he broke her collarbone.

28. What a Mess

What a Mess
Nathan is trying to get full custody of Kaiser right now because he says that Kaiser has told him that David abuses him.

29. HOW?

But despite all of this, there are people who would still defend Jenelle and her choices.

30. So Crazy

So Crazy
These people blame Barbara for the way Jenelle is, and the point to the fact that she kicked heroin as proof that she's a good, strong person.

31. OK

For Jenelle fans, the weed isn't a big deal, Nathan is a monster trying to make her look bad, David is the best guy she's ever been with ... yeah, it's madness, but lots of Teen Mom fans think this way.

32. Here We Go

Here We Go
But after everything that's been happening this week, those people aren't so vocal, and the people that don't like Jenelle? Well, they are very, very upset.

33. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
At the beginning of the week, David shot Jenelle's beloved Nugget, a little French bulldog, for allegedly biting Ensley.

34. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
The whole thing is seriously fishy, because David just happened to be filming Ensley when the "attack" happened -- Ensley started climbing all over Nugget and getting in his poor little puppy face, and it was extremely obvious that the dog was getting agitated. Instead of correcting the kid and getting her away from the dog, David encouraged what was happening, and when Nugget gave her a little warning nip (he didn't even come close to breaking the skin), he went off.

35. So Gross

So Gross
In the caption he wrote to go along with the video, he admitted to killing the dog, and he even said that this wasn't the first time he "bit Ensley aggressively." THEN WHY DID HE ENCOURAGE ENSLEY TO KEEP MESSING WITH HIM?!

36. Heartbreaking

It's a disaster of a story, but David took the dog out back and shot it. Jenelle apparently wasn't home and didn't learn about it until later, but when she found out, she was devastated.

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