Teen Mom Salaries: You Won't Believe How Rich This Cast Is!

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Teen Mom: OG and Teen Mom 2 are among the most popular series in MTV's storied history.

The stars may not enjoy the same universal name recognition as Snooki or The Situation, but their fans are an intensely devoted bunch with appetitse for every detail of the women's personal lives.

So it should come as no surprise that there's considerable interest in just how much the Teen Moms get paid.

Of course, given their many side projects and business ventures, the amount that each cast member pulls in varies wildly from one to the next ... but suffice it to say, they're all doing very well.

Here's a breakdown of just how much each mom is earning these days:


1. Catelynn Lowell: $25,000 per episode

Catelynn Lowell: $25,000 per episode
Catelynn is earning the standard rate for stars of the original series. And while she has a few other revenue streams in place, she's not on her 24/7 grind like some of her co-stars.

2. Clothing By Cate

Clothing By Cate
Catelynn and husband Tyler Baltierra recently launched a children's clothing line. The venture is too new to determine if it will be profitable or not.

3. Amber Portwood: $25,000 per episode

Amber Portwood: $25,000 per episode
Amber also pulls in $25,000 for just a few days work on TM:OG. Unlike Catelynn, however, she puts a lot of time into her side businesses.

4. Hard Times For Haute

Hard Times For Haute
Amber launched her "online boutique" Forever Haute with the help of then-fiance Matt Baier. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that the business is faring much better than the relationship. Rumors that Haute is out of business appear to be premature, but multiple insiders have confirmed the site has yet to turn a profit.

5. Maci Bookout: $25,000 per episode

Maci Bookout: $25,000 per episode
Some reality shows pay their more popular cast members a bit extra. Not Teen Mom: OG, however, which keeps the salaries consistent across the board.

6. Off the Bookout

Off the Bookout
Unlike some of her other cast members, Maci doesn't seem to have much time for side projects. With three kids to raise and an increasingly problematic ex, we suppose that's no surprise. Besides, no matter how hard she hustles, Maci could never hope to out-earn TM:OG's wealthiest star...

7. Farrah Abraham: $25,000 per episode

Farrah Abraham: $25,000 per episode
Farrah earns the same salary as her co-stars. But her bank account exists on a level all its own.

8. Number One Hustler

Number One Hustler
Yogurt shop owner, erotic novelist, Christian novelist, stripper, porn star, "cam girl," children's stylist--these are just some of Farrah's job titles. Say what you will about her methods, the woman is earning in a big way.

9. Ryan Edwards, Gary Shirley, Tyler Baltierra: $25,000 per episode

Ryan Edwards, Gary Shirley, Tyler Baltierra: $25,000 per episode
Yes, at least some of the dads of Teen Mom: OG are pulling in as much cash as their baby mamas. And it seems one tireless negotiator worked on their behalf in order to ensure those massive paydays.

10. Thanks, Amber!

Thanks, Amber!
According to Radar Online, the men have Amber to thank for their current wealth. “It was all thanks to Amber,” an insider tells the site. “She made sure Gary made as much as she did when they were together.”

11. Taylor McKinney: ???

Taylor McKinney: ???
Curiously, the source didn't mention how much Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, is getting paid. We're assuming it's as much as the other dads, but it could be less, based on the fact that McKinney is a relatively new addition.

12. Matt Baier: $5,000-$10,000 per episode

Matt Baier: $5,000-$10,000 per episode
It seems Amber was able to secure a pretty nice salary for Matt Baier, as well. Of course, now that the couple is no longer together, Baier's days of easy money are at an end.

13. Kailyn Lowry: $25,000 per episode

Kailyn Lowry: $25,000 per episode
They may not have blazed as many trails as their OG counterparts, but it seems that most of the ladies of Teen Mom 2 are earning the same salary. Of course, they also have plenty of side hustles in the works.

14. Hustle & Heart

Hustle & Heart
Kail has already published multiple books, and she has two more on the way, including a childen's story that will be illustrated by her son Isaac. She also hosts her own wildly popular podcast, Coffee Convos.

15. Jenelle Evans: $25,000 per episode

Jenelle Evans: $25,000 per episode
Jenelle is also earning $25k an episode, and with all the drama she's delivered over the years, she's certainly earned it.

16. Not a Fan Favorite

Not a Fan Favorite
Unfortunately for Jenelle, that drama has also made her a divisive figure amongst fans, which may explain the failure of her recently-launched clothing line.

17. Leah Messer: $25,000 per episode

Leah Messer: $25,000 per episode
Leah is also raking in 25 large an episode, however, like Maci Bookout, she seems to prefer to focus on being a mom rather than launching side projects.

18. Chelsea Houska: $25,000 per episode

Chelsea Houska: $25,000 per episode
Chelsea is paid the same amount as her co-stars, but she's one of only two Teen Mom 2 stars to have another cast mate living under her roof...

19. Cole DeBoer, David Eason, and Javi Marroauin: $25,000 per episode

Cole DeBoer, David Eason, and Javi Marroauin: $25,000 per episode
Yes, the baby daddies of Teen Mom 2 are getting paid as much as their baby mamas. Well, most of them are, anyway. Interestingly, they're earning than one of the main moms...

20. Briana DeJesus: $20,000 per episode

Briana DeJesus: $20,000 per episode
Yes, Briana is getting paid less than her fellow moms. Sure, she's the newest addition to the cast, but she's probably still not thrilled about the arrangement, especially since...

21. Adam Lind is Getting Paid Just as Much

Adam Lind is Getting Paid Just as Much
Recent court documents show Chelsea's troubled ex pulling in $200,000 a year from the show--about as much as Briana. It's proof that literally everyone involved with the Teen Mom franchise is getting filthy rich these days.

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