Pete Davidson Accused of Taunting Mac Miller With Ariana Grande Pics; Pop Star REELING From Tragedy & Split [UPDATED]

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In the wake of news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have broken up, fans are understandably consumed with curiosity.

What could have caused such a seemingly intense, passionate romance to flame out almost as quickly as it heated up?

Sources close to the couple say the timing just wasn't right, but it's not hard to see why that explanation doesn't sit well with the public.

After all, Grande and Davidson were engaged; they laid on the PDA at every opportunity, and they seemed to be madly in love.

From the outside, it looks as though some sort of precipitous event must have preceded the breakup of the two lovebirds.

And now, a new round of reports has Davidson accused of truly vile behavior ... and how Ariana is dealing with the whole situation.

Spoiler alert: Neither part is good.

1. A Surprise Romance

A Surprise Romance
Pete and Ariana's relationship came as a surprise even to those who knew the former couple best.

2. Rushing In

Rushing In
Part of the reason for this was that both parties had recently gotten out of very serious longterm relationships.

3. Pete and Cazzie

Pete and Cazzie
Pete was with Cazzie David, who has made a point of refraining from offering direct comment on her ex's tumultuous relationship with Grande.

4. Ariana and Mac

Ariana and Mac
Ariana was with rapper Mac Miller, whom she dated for over two years just prior to her relationship with Pete.

5. A Tragic Turn of Events

A Tragic Turn of Events
Sadly, Miller passed away from an apparent drug overdose last month.

6. A Shocking Loss

A Shocking Loss
Miller had struggled with addiction for years, and Grande cited his inability or unwillingness to help himself as one of the causes of their split.

7. The Angry Mob

The Angry Mob
On social media, fans of Miller's unfairly blamed Grande for his fatal overdose.

8. Unfairly Condemned

Unfairly Condemned
They argued that by flaunting her love for Davidson and claiming that she'd longed to be with the SNL comic even while she was with Miller, Grande was making the breakup harder on her already-vulnerable ex.

9. The Court of Public Opinion

The Court of Public Opinion
They insisted that she should have known Mac was in a fragile state and that seeing his ex move on so quickly would be tremendously painful for him.

10. The Truth

The Truth
Clearly, Ariana bears no responsibility for Mac's death, but an appalling new rumor has fans accusing Davidson of taking advantage of Miller's fragile mental state.

11. A Shocking Tweet

A Shocking Tweet
Despite the claim made here, the rumor did not originate on TMZ, but nevertheless, the reports that Pete was unconscionably cruel to Mac in his final days have persisted.

12. A Monstrous Claim

A Monstrous Claim
Several Australian media outlets have maintained that Pete sent intimate photos of Ariana to Mac in hoped of convincing the rapper that he should abandon any hope of reconciling with Grande.

13. An Appalling Accusation

An Appalling Accusation
Sources claim that relatives of Miller's recently informed Ariana of Pete's cruel tendency.

14. Too Trusting?

Too Trusting?
While Ariana was said to be somewhat sympathetic due to Pete's struggles with addiction and borderline personality disorder, she was reportedly firm in her decision to end the relationship.

15. Lingering Feelings

Lingering Feelings
Insiders claim Ariana still has feelings for Pete but cannot bring herself to be with someone who's capable of such cruelty.

16. Letting Him Down Easy

Letting Him Down Easy
Out of consideration for Pete's struggles, Ariana reportedly let him down easy, and has remained on good terms with Davidson, despite the shocking allegations against him.

17. For the Best?

For the Best?
For the most part, Ariana's fans are thrilled with the dissolution of the relationship.

18. One Low Point of Many

One Low Point of Many
Throughout the relationship, Pete has been accused of being disrespectful to Ariana by speaking about her in purely sexual terms. He even went so far as to sympathize with the man accused of groping her.

19. Ariana's Response

Ariana's Response
While Ariana has not issued a formal response, fans have picked up on the many subtle ways in which she's made her feelings clear.

20. An Announcement

An Announcement
On Tuesday, Ariana revealed on Instagram that she would be staying off social media for the foreseeable future due to the ubiquity of "news" that she's "not tryna see."

21. A Clear Message

A Clear Message
Obviously, the since-deleted message was Ari's way of telling fans that she'd like to keep a low profile in order to avoid the constant online chatter about her breakup.

22. An Important Gesture

An Important Gesture
Insiders have indicated that Ariana has stopped wearing her engagement ring, a fact confirmed by witnesses on the set of a recent Halloween special Grande shot for NBC.

23. Conflicting Reports

Conflicting Reports
Sources close to the couple have given vastly different accounts of the breakup, with some saying the split was sudden, and others maintaining this was a long time coming.

24. Too Much, Too Soon?

Too Much, Too Soon?
“They realized it happened too quick and too early," one tipster tells Us Weekly. "The wedding is off, but they’re working things out. They’re not officially done yet.”

25. A Constant Roller Coaster?

A Constant Roller Coaster?
Another source claims the tumultuous relationship was “always very up and down,” and Ari is just pleased to have her life back.

26. A Bizarre Mystery

A Bizarre Mystery
It may be quite some time before we receive any official word on what caused Pete and Ariana to call it quits, so for now, the latest allegations have only served to deepen the mystery of his increasingly bizarre split.

27. UPDATE: Cutting Ties

UPDATE: Cutting Ties
The latest reports claim that Ari and Pete have gone so far as to completely cut off all contact with one another.

28. The Cover-Up

The Cover-Up
Davidson has reportedly changed his phone number and begun the long process of covering up all the tattoos he got in honor of Grande.

29. Engagement Ink

Engagement Ink
For her part, Ariana has been wearing a bandage over the ring finger tattoo she got for Pete.

30. Seeking Help

Seeking Help
Sources say Ariana will soon check into a rehab facility in hopes of recovering from her recent emotional traumas ahead of her upcoming tour.

31. Keeping It All Inside

Keeping It All Inside
“On the outside, it may seem like she’s OK, but deep down, she’s vulnerable,” says a source close to the singer. We wish Grande all the best with her continued recovery.

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