Briana DeJesus: Kailyn Lowry Sucks and I Blocked That Creeper Javi! [Exclusive]

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Briana DeJesus is like lightning in a bottle.

DeJesus breathed new life into the aging Teen Mom 2 franchise when she joined the cast in 2017, an effect that MTV has been unable to reproduce on Teen Mom OG.

The reason, of course, is that Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd are not Briana DeJesus.

Briana knows how to stir the pot and spill the tea like any good reality star should.

In fact, as she proved in a recent exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, the mother of two can deliver the drama even when the cameras aren't rolling.

Take a look:

1. Briana Drama

Briana Drama
Briana spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip this week, and she had much to say about her kids, her new relationship, and her famously volatile co-stars.

2. A Frightening Incident

A Frightening Incident
The health and well-being of Briana's youngest daughter has been a subject of concern for fans ever since little Stella was rushed to a hospital in August.

3. On the Mend

On the Mend
Fortunately, the 17-month-old is recovering nicely following a bout with septic arthritis.

4. Making Progress

Making Progress
"Stella is definitely ok," Briana tells THG, adding that her eldest daughter, Nova, loves taking care of her little sis.

5. Team Effort

Team Effort
"She gets the common cold here and there but for the most part she’s back to her normal self and nova loves taking care of Stella and making sure she’s OK," Dejesus adds.

6. Heating Up

Heating Up
Back in September, Briana revealed that she's dating a New York native named Johnny Rodriguez.

7. Going Strong

Going Strong
"Still going strong!" Briana replied when we asked about her new romance.

8. Peace and Stability

Peace and Stability
Needless to say, it sounds like all is going well in Briana's personal life -- but you can still be sure that sparks (and maybe a few fists) will fly when the ladies of TM2 get together for this year's reunion show.

9. What's to Come?

What's to Come?
Naturally, Briana can't tell us too much about what we can expect on the new season of TM2 -- but she assures us fans a have a LOT to look forward to.

10. Big Steps

Big Steps
"Can’t share much but a lot of big steps will be taking place," Briana says of the season she's currently filming.

11. The Latest on the Land

The Latest on the Land
Naturally, fans are deeply curious about the recent developments involving Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason.

12. A Terrifying Ordeal

As you may recall, Jenelle was rushed to an area hospital after alleging that she was assaulted by an intoxicated Eason. She now dismisses the incident as a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

13. Co-Stars/BFFs

Briana is the only member of the TM2 cast who's on friendly terms with Jenelle, so she might know more about Jenelle's health and safety than the rest of us.

14. A Faithful Friend

A Faithful Friend
But out of loyalty to her friend, Briana is keeping her mouth shut.

15. Keeping In Touch

Keeping In Touch
"Jenelle and I keep in touch here and there," DeJesus said when asked about her relationship with Evans. "No comment on David."

16. Rivals For Life

Of course, Jenelle is definitely NOT keeping in touch with Kailyn Lowry, her number one rival on the show.

17. Plainly Stated

Plainly Stated
When we asked Briana if she could imagine Kail and Jenelle ever getting along, she was rather blunt in her response.

18. Best Enemies

Best Enemies
"No, don’t need to," DeJesus said. And we suppose she has a point.

19. Limited Interaction

Limited Interaction
Jenelle and Kail live in separate states, and last year, Evans didn't even travel to NYC for the annual reunion show taping.

20. The Wisdom of Bri

The Wisdom of Bri
Bri seems to be saying that if these two simply steer clear of each other on social media, there's no need for them to put any effort into getting along. And she's right.

21. Javiana

As for Bri's ex, Javi Marroquin, DeJesus says she's cut ties with him for good.

22. Blocked!

Javi used to creep on Bri's social media pages, but those days are done.

23. Sending the Message

Sending the Message
"No, I blocked him," Bri said when we asked if she's still having problems with Marroquin.

24. The Future

The Future
In recent weeks, Briana has been looking to the future and tweeting about life after Teen Mom. We asked if she'd settled on a career path.

25. Keeping Her Options Open

Keeping Her Options Open
"No, not yet," she replied. "Being a single mom is hard as it is and to throw school in here to make a new career path sounds stressful but something is def doing to happen." Whatever she ends up doing, we're sure she'll bring the same fiery passion to her future career as she currently brings to TM2!

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