Kailyn Lowry Destroys "Homophobic" Jenelle Evans, Takes Feud to Next Level

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This not exactly just in:

Kailyn Lowry will not be inviting Jenelle Evans over for Christmas this year.

Or any year after this, either, we can safely say.

The Teen Mom stars have gone back and forth on Twitter over the topic of Kailyn's sexuality, with Jenelle making what certainly seems like a very insensitive and inappropriate comment.

That's so unlike her, right?!?

Scroll down to see what we mean and to take a side in this ongoing feud...

1. Kailyn and Jenelle Were Once Close Friends

Kailyn and Jenelle Were Once Close Friends
It's true! We actually documented a little while ago how their friendship turned into a rivalry.

2. Happier Times...

Happier Times...
Heck, Kailyn once helped Jenelle post bond and get out of jail. But the relationship appeared to sour for good when Evans told the world Lowry was pregnant with her third child... before Kailyn wanted that news out there.

3. I'm Coming for You, Kailyn...

I'm Coming for You, Kailyn...
In early October, sort of out of nowhere, Jenelle addressed Kailyn on social media, asked why Lowry is always talking about her kids (Editor's Note: She's not) and made it clear that she was prepared to go after her former friend online.

4. The Attack Commences

The Attack Commences
"I really hope you're reconnecting with your mom because you f-cking need it," Evans ranted at Lowry shortly afterward, adding: "You need someone to love you so you can stop fantasizing about other's lives and putting others down because you don't have the life you want. Sorry. Hope you find some peace and happiness."

5. Whatever, Jenelle...

Whatever, Jenelle...
"I'm flattered she's so bothered by me," Lowry said to Radar Online in response. "She's gotta calm down. Out of everyone she's only bothered by me... and I'm not even writing about her."

6. Passive Aggressive Shade Thrown

Passive Aggressive Shade Thrown
Considering Jenelle started going off on her around the same time as allegations of domestic abuse against David Eason, Lowry added in this Radar Online chat: "Jenelle only makes a big deal about me when something else is going on underneath it all."

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