90 Day Fiance The Other Way: Deavan Clegg Can't Live Like This!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way gave the endless Brittany and Yazan drama a break for the week while we focused on other couples.

These all have drama of their own, in part because there are few experiences more stressful than moving.

No one knows that better than Deavan Clegg, who arrived in Korea only to find that Jihoon's "apartment" is a nightmare as his lies come home to roost.

She is not the only one with a rude awakening.

Arielle finds that vacationing in Ethiopia is very different than preparing to give birth there ... and the rental that Biniyam has found is not going to cut it.

Armando says goodbye to family, Tim goes to therapy, and Jenny asks Sumit if she can actually see his divorce papers.

1. Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee

Deavan Clegg and Jihoon Lee
As viewers remember from last week's The Other Way, Deavan arrived with her two small children and her mom to the new apartment that Jihoon had prepared for her. It doesn't even have a living room, and it's not in a good neighborhood.

2. Deavan has a preschooler and a baby

Deavan has a preschooler and a baby
The camera zoomed in so artistically upon Taeyang, in case anyone could forget that this isn't just a place for a young couple to "slum it" for a few years.

3. Deavan was in shock

Deavan was in shock
This new apartment is not suitable and, based upon the information that Jihoon has been feeding her, she doesn't understand why this apartment is so barebones.

4. She's not the only one

She's not the only one
Seeing just the outside, Jihoon's dad acknowledged how "sad" the place was.

5. On this, the mothers agree

On this, the mothers agree
Deavan and Jihoon's respective mothers are fairly different people, but they both cringed at the apartment that Jihoon secured.

6. They had to have a difficult conversation

They had to have a difficult conversation
This was not what Deavan was expecting, at all. She was SO tired after getting off of her lengthy flight with two small children, so seeing the apartment (after a stressful 1-hour ride) was like a blow to the gut.

7. At least Jihoon knew that he was in the wrong

At least Jihoon knew that he was in the wrong
He told Deavan that he was sorry. Unfortunately, Deavan did not yet know how much he had wronged her.

8. Jihoon despaired too

Jihoon despaired too
He knew that he had failed Deavan as a partner, Taeyang and Drascilla as a father, and Elicia as a son-in-law.

9. Meanwhile ...

Meanwhile ...
Deavan and Elicia shared their worries, and they were not just about the apartment. Elicia told Deavan that she was worried about their relationship, and Deavan admitted that she was, too.

10. As for Jihoon

As for Jihoon
He despaired, realizing that in his desperation to lure Deavan to South Korea with false promises, he may have ruined everything forever.

11. Then came the hard questions

Then came the hard questions
After a quick trip to his parents' house turned into an unexplained, hours-long absence, Deavan asked Jihoon some hard questions, namely where in the world the alleged money that he is making at his alleged job is.

12. Why didn't he tell her the truth?

Why didn't he tell her the truth?
Jihoon's admission -- that he wanted Deavan to come there, and that he knew that she wouldn't come right away if he told her the truth about his less than gainful employment -- was horrifying. Difficult for him to make, worse for Deavan to hear.

13. He begged her to stay

He begged her to stay
Jihoon reminded Deavan that if she feels that she is worrying about money, she can always leave again in a few months. He is really not understanding how much harm his lies have dealt her.

14. Deavan goes back inside

Deavan goes back inside
Jihoon is clearly doing that thing where he tries to get angry and indignant to distract himself from how upset he feels and by how guilty he feels ... but it's not working very well.

15. As for Deavan

As for Deavan
Inside, she talks about how she doesn't have anything to go back to in Utah so it's not like she can just turn around and fly back to her former home. Her voice breaks further when she realizes how grim her prospects here in Korea are.

16. Jihoon finally gets it

Jihoon finally gets it
His life, he acknowledges, is a damn mess. It's unfortunate that he chooses to smoke. South Korean men smoke at well above twice the rate of Americans.

17. Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier

Armando Rubio and Kenneth Niedermeier
Armando is gearing up for a move of his own, even though Kenneth has sold his home and is driving to meet him. Why? Because he and Kenneth are going to live together in a new home with Armando's daughter, Hannah.

18. Speaking of Hannah ...

Speaking of Hannah ...
Armando is packing up her things with her. She acknowledges that she will miss him (she is so cute!). The plan is that Armando will set up her new room while she stays with his parents as he and Kenneth do the hard work of turning their new residence into a real home.

19. Kenneth is still en route

Kenneth is still en route
He and his old, tiny dog are headed to Armando and they cannot wait to be reunited -- this time, for good.

20. Armando hugs his mom by

Armando hugs his mom by
She loves him and is supporting him. It's hard because, well, he and her granddaughter are both moving away from there.

21. There was just one thing missing

There was just one thing missing
Armando's father was not there to bid him farewell ... and that, Armando freely admits, really hurt.

22. Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Danielle

Biniyam Shibre and Ariela Danielle
Biniyam can barely contain his (very sweet, dare we say adorable) excitement as Ariela is on her way to Ethiopia, pregnant with his child.

23. But ...

But ...
Ariela isn't coming back alone. She's from a very medical family, and her mom has tagged along to make sure that she is okay, particularly when it is time to give birth.

24. Biniyam is anxious

Biniyam is anxious
After all, impressing Ariela was a little easy the first time around. The dude is hot. Impressing her mom by showing that he can be a good and supportive partner and even father is a whole other story.

25. He pulls out all of the stops

He pulls out all of the stops
Unlike some 90 Day Fiance stars whom we could name, Biniyam readies bouquets of flowers as he anticipates Ariela's arrival.

26. Reunited at last!

Reunited at last!
They have a long ride together, during with Ariela is admittedly anxious and having a panic attack.

27. She explains ...

She explains ...
Ariela says that she was suddenly set upon by doubts and realized that, after so many months, seeing Biniyam again is a little like seeing a stranger. Remember, she is dealing with a long flight, with a pregnancy, with being a brand new reality star, and with moving to a whole other country to give birth.

28. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Just look at the bedroom at this rental. It's not awful, but it's clearly still decorated from the previous occupant. (Honestly, that's a relief -- the crucifix and portrait of Mary were not DELIBERATELY placed in the bedroom of a Jewish woman. The alternative would sound like someone was trying to send her a threatening message)

29. Then comes the bathroom

Then comes the bathroom
I have to be honest, I'm easily disgusted by sub-par bathrooms and clearly, Ariela is too. She has real concerns about this place.

30. Biniyam is so sweet ...

Biniyam is so sweet ...
Either he and Ariela planned this to go exactly this way so that he could come across as a sympathetic guy who screwed up a little but wants to make it right, or he's just a genuinely sweet person who wants to do right by Ariela. Or maybe both.

31. Tim Clarkson

Tim Clarkson
Tim has not yet set off to move to Columbia to be with Melyza, but he is packing up to go, and his mother is there to help.

32. Mom has some concerns

Mom has some concerns
Yes, Tim cheated on Melyza just a month into what could have been a 6-month visit prior to getting a K-1 visa and now he has to move there to win back her trust, but Tim's mother thinks that there should be a little give in how much Melyza controls things. To be fair, it's kind of her job to look out for her son.

33. Tim is also in therapy

Tim is also in therapy
He checks in with his therapist, whom Melyza encouraged him to see after he cheated on her. That was a good idea, as cheating on your super hot girlfriend just as things are getting good is a classic self-sabotage move for someone who is afraid of things going well. The therapist notes that if Tim doesn't pour his heart and soul into this relationship, it won't work.

34. Jenny Slatten and Sumit

Jenny Slatten and Sumit
Reunited after five months, we see them on the morning after ... though apparently they did not bone the night before on the grounds that Jenny was so tired from her flight.

35. But things aren't all fun and games

But things aren't all fun and games
As much as they would like to spend time just embracing each other and enjoying their company, Jenny needs to know for sure that she and Sumit have a real future together.

36. Is Sumit divorced?

Is Sumit divorced?
She asks to see, with her own eyes, the divorce papers that Sumit has promised to procure. Sumit does not have them, of course. He insists that he is working on it ... but isn't there yet.

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