David Eason Pleads Not Guilty to Pistol-Whipping as Jenelle Evans Threatens to Sue Teen Mom Cast

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Often, the rich and famous are forced to spend a good deal of their time in court due to frivolous lawsuits, copyright disputes, and the like.

But Jenelle Evans and David Eason aren't rich -- at least not anymore.

And they're certainly not what most people would describe as famous.

So why were they in court today?

And why is Jenelle ranting and raving about lawsuits on social media.

Well, that's because running afoul of the law is not just for wealthy celebrities.

Angry lunatics like the Easons also spend a lot of time in front of a judge.

And all that time in court might result in some serious consequences for David and Jenelle.

Take a look:

1. The Outlaws

The Outlaws
David Eason and Jenelle Evans were back in front of a judge today. We're guessing the perenially-troubled couple didn't need Google Maps to help them find the Columbus County Courthouse.

2. The Latest

The Latest
Last month, David was arrested twice in one 48-hour period. This morning found him in court to enter a plea for the most serious of the charges.

3. Taken Into Custody

Taken Into Custody
Eason was arrested after he allegedly pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle's.

4. Choosing Sides

Choosing Sides
Although, we guess victims Josh Galloway and James Spivey have been demoted to former friends at this point, as Jenelle has 100 percent sided with the violent maniac she married over the friend who got beaten.

5. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
The story goes that Josh -- a friend of Jenelle's since high school -- arrived on The Land with his partner James after he received a desperate call from Jenelle.

6. Finally Free?

Finally Free?
It seems she and David had gotten into another one of their blow-out fights, and she had made up her mind to leave him ... again.

7. What a Guy

What a Guy
Josh and James arrived on the scene and David promptly threatened to shoot them. He then whacked James on the neck with his gun.

8. Standing By Her Man

Standing By Her Man
Jenelle left David for about a day after that, but they were soon back together, and she presumably joined him in court today.

9. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Of course, they've understandably been quiet about all of this, so the public is forced to rely on Josh for updates.

10. The Big Day

The Big Day
Josh took to Twitter this morning to remind everyone that the time had come for David to enter his plea.

11. Covid Court

Covid Court
Details were scarce, in part because few people were permitted in the courtroom due to coronavirus concerns.

12. What We Know

What We Know
However, based on the fact that David was forced to show up in court today and enter a plea, we can ascertain that the charges against him were not dismissed, and the prosecution determined that there's enough evidence to pursue charges against him.

13. Taking No Chances

Taking No Chances
David showed up with a lawyer, which is interesting, because these days, he and Jenelle don't have a lot of money to throw around on luxuries such as fancy legal counsel.

14. This Should Be Good

This Should Be Good
So it's safe to assume that David pled not guilty and will soon stand trial.

15. The Litigious Type

The Litigious Type
And it seems that if Jenelle has her way, she'll also be spending some time in civil court in the weeks to come.

16. Empty Threats?

Empty Threats?
Over the holiday weekend, Jenelle threatened to sue Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout McKinney, as well as Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for posting links to paid clickbait content about her son Kaiser.

17. Upsetting News

Upsetting News
The article had to do with child abuse allegations that recently made headlines.

18. Jenelle Is Not Happy

Jenelle Is Not Happy
"It's crazy how you would let someone post slander about my children and husband onto your accounts with completely made up accusations from a year ago," Evans tweeted, tagging all of the offending MTV stars.

19. The Threat

The Threat
"I would appreciate it if you would delete the articles. Or I can have my lawyer contact all of you next week," Evans continued.

20. This Would've Been Good

This Would've Been Good
Never one to back down from a fight, Amber replied, "I'll be waiting."

21. Victory For Jenelle?

Victory For Jenelle?
In the end, however, Amber deleted the tweet, as did the other celebs who were called out by Evans.

22. Lucky Break

Lucky Break
Jenelle should consider herself lucky, as her case almost certainly would not have held up in court.

23. Nathan's Complaint

Nathan's Complaint
The abuse allegations originated from Kaiser's father, Nathan Griffith, and any factual reporting on the topic would be considered fair game.

24. Off the Hook

Off the Hook
So we guess things actually turned out in Jenelle's favor for once.

25. Pressing Their Luck

Pressing Their Luck
Something tells us David won't be quite as fortunate in his court case.

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