21 Parents Who Should Not Be Allowed to Text (Except #7, That Dude Rules)

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We're sure these parents are good people (well, we're pretty sure), but we can say with 100 percent certainty that they should have their phones taken away.

Well, except Nos. 7-9. Those guys rule.

In fact, you could make the case that a lot of these folks belong on our list of parents who rule at texting. It's quite subjective. Anyway, enjoy ...

1. Parent of the Year

Parent of the Year
"Oops, wrong kid" is something we've all said or thought at one point, right people?!

2. I Wasn't Planning On It

I Wasn't Planning On It
Rule #1: You do not text during treadmill time. Rule #2: You do NOT text during treadmill time!!!

3. I Don't Miss You Amy!

I Don't Miss You Amy!

4. ASUS is Just a Terrible Product Name

ASUS is Just a Terrible Product Name
And possibly a terrible product too ... but seriously, whomever came up with that name should probably be fired for putting this poor middle-aged mom in this position. It's like setting her up for humiliation.

5. Nugget Nugget Nugget

Nugget Nugget Nugget
We don't even know what the hell is going on here, but someone's iPhone privileges need to be suspended.


See previous caption. And never teach your folks abbreviations.

7. Anything For the Fans

Anything For the Fans
Never say this celebrity doesn't go all in for his supporters.

8. Attack of the Killer Moth

Attack of the Killer Moth
You're next!!

9. Deep Thoughts By Dad

Deep Thoughts By Dad
This guy may need to get out of the house and find some new hobbies, but we're glad he's in touch with late '90s and early '00s pop just the same.

10. How DOES the Turkey Smell?

How DOES the Turkey Smell?
Okay, that was pretty hilarious.

11. Rowling?

That's the only one we can think of.

12. So Cool It's Not Cool

So Cool It's Not Cool
That was also hilarious.

13. 8 MPH

For parents of kids with a driver's license, this is the epitome of wishful thinking right here.

14. Anal, Okay?

Anal, Okay?
Better make sure autocorrect isn't running on your resume.

15. Hi Being Serious

Hi Being Serious
Parents. The original trolls.

16. Good Morning Beautiful!

Good Morning Beautiful!
That was cold, mom. Hilarious, but cold.

17. Sage Advice

Sage Advice
Let's face it, the whole "beauty on the inside" bit was just concocted by people who weren't hot enough to get free drinks to make themselves feel better. Thanks for being honest with us Mom!!

18. Inappropriate Joke or Typo?

Inappropriate Joke or Typo?
We can't say. But we can say that we laughed.

19. Who is Your Provider?

Who is Your Provider?
Nice subtle dig, LOL.

20. (Don't) Spill the Beans

(Don't) Spill the Beans
Or any Mexican food for that matter.

21. Time to "Add Contact"

Time to "Add Contact"
We're guessing mom is being serious here? In which case, time for iPhone for Dummies this Christmas.

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