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Worthy up.

It’s something Meri Brown has written on Instagram for many months.

But t’s now a lot more than a saying for this veteran Sister Wives cast member.

It’s a way of life — and also a brand new business.

Meri Brown on a Sister Wives episode
Meri Brown opens up here to the TLC cameras. (TLC)

Late this past week, Brown informed fans and followers that has launched a company titled — perhaps you’ve guessed it by now — Worthy Up.

“[Worthy Up] has been in the works for a while, and it’s so fun to see it finally come to fruition! I’ve spent the better part of the past decade taking a good look at myself and figuring out who I am, what I want, and where I’m going. I had to Worthy Up,” Meri shared via the company’s Facebook page on Friday, April 26.

“This community is a place where I will share my personal experiences of growth and hope to support you in your journey, too.”

We’ll be honest: We’re not totally sure what Worthy Up is or does just yet… but look below! It has merchandise!

According to the Facebook bio, Worthy Up is “a community focused on transformation and self discovery” and “a safe space for individuals to grow, connect, and inspire one another.”

Earlier that same day, Brown teased the new project on social media, causing fans to buzz with guesses about the possible announcement.

“Curious??” the mom of one captioned a blurred-out image, adding a wink face emoji and a “Worthy Up” hashtag. “4 p.m. MST today.”

Those who have been following Meri’s social media journey over the past year or so have read many inspirational messages from the TLC personality.

Meri Brown on the air on TLC
Meri Brown looks a little bit concerned in this scene from Sister Wives. (TLC)

Meri and Kody Brown terminated their marriage in January 2023, following a lengthy period of dissatisfaction — and zero romance.

“You don’t need to earn anything, prove anything, or be anything other than who you are,” Meri wrote at one point, for example.

“You deserve love, you deserve to be seen and heard, and you deserve to exist as you are and in your full glory, simply because you’re YOU!”

This is the sort of post observers had tried to impart on Meri for years… after she insisted on staying with Kody despite the father of 17 making it clear he was totally over her as a romantic partner.

“We all have moments where we feel unworthy, or feel like we have to prove something, or even worse, allow other people’s opinions or pressures of the world around us, to dictate who we are,” Meri added in September.

“Let’s stop that!”

Meri Brown on the new season of Sister Wives
Meri Brown being interviewed during Sister Wives, season 18. (YOUTUBE/TLC)

In December 2022, Meri wrote:

“If you don’t want to make waves, keep on being mediocre. Do the thing that everyone else is doing. Seek everyone else’s opinion and validation. Do what everyone else thinks you should do.

“Or … Do your thing. Do your thing in your own time and on your own terms. Let them judge you. Let them talk about you. Let them create their own ‘stories’ about you.”

Despite the end of her union, meanwhile, Meri has remained quite positive any time she addresses the public.

Meri Brown in thought
Meri Brown appears to be ruminating on life in this photo from an episode of Sister Wives. (TLC)

Just a few days ago, she acknowledged her failed marriage in this manner:

“34 years ago today, I got married. 34 years ago was the start of this family that so many of you have come to love or, well, not so much. Yes, I know full well that we are a very polarizing topic.

“At that time, and in the many years following, I never anticipated a divorce was in my future.

“I don’t regret my marriage, and I don’t regret my divorce.”