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Plenty of people give Amy Duggar a hard time on social media. Some believe that she’s a clout-chaser.

Others doubt her sincerity as she condemns the IBLP cult. And then there are Duggar apologists defending Josh and Jim Bob.

For the most part, Amy takes these critiques in stride. But not when people go after her son.

Are “fans” being cruel to Daxton? Or is Amy refusing to hear what they have to say.

Amy Duggar poses with son Daxton and husband Dillon, smiling for the camera.
Amy Rachelle King, whom most fans know as cousin Amy Duggar, poses with son Daxton and husband DIllon in autumn 2023. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

What are these recent “attacks” all about? We’ll let Amy herself tell you, in a caption from late Tuesday night.

“I’ve had just about enough comments from grown women,” she began.

Amy felt so over people “commenting on my son’s hair in all of his pictures.” And, to be clear, not favorably.

Amy Duggar speaks to the camera in an Instagram Story posted in November of 2023.
Amy Duggar speaks to the camera in an Instagram Story posted in November of 2023. (Image Credit: Instagram)

“GROWN WOMEN ATTACKING A 4 YEAR OLD,” Amy accused. “How pathetic and sad is that?”

Amy asked: “Can we all just try to do better? Ask yourself why do I need to give my opinion about something that doesn’t even pertain to me?” A fair question.

“It makes me not want to post at all,” Amy expressed. “It’s annoying, frustrating, and so wrong.”

4-year-old Daxton King stands in a store.
4-year-old Daxton King poses excitedly in a store. And if you look at the packaging behind him, you can see why! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“Most of the time I just let negative comments roll off my back,” Amy charactereized. “But as a mama bear it’s time for me to say something.”

She emphasized: “Let me make this crystal clear I don’t care what your opinion is about anything to do with my life or my little family. If having a cool rad mullet makes him happy then we are going to cheer him on as parents! He’s only young once!”

Amy Duggar on Marriage Boot Camp
Amy Duggar sits down here on the couch of Marriage Boot Camp. She went on the program to, well work on her marriage. (Image Credit: WEtv)

“He wants to grow it out , we might perm it gasp) he wants to enter in a mullet competition!” Amy threatened.

“Heck he might want a spiked Mohawk,” she suggested. Now that could be cool. “All I know is no matter I will support him and defend him.”

Amy continued: “Who knows what the future holds for this lil guy but all I know is he’s got style and he’s not afraid to be himself and that alone is such a special trait! He has a personality that just doesn’t quit and I’m just trying to keep up with him!”

Amy Duggar, husband Dillon King, and son Daxton King pose together.
Amy Duggar, husband Dillon King, and son Daxton King pose together for this autumn 2023 Instagram selfie. Cute! (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“You can attack me all you want. I’m strong I can handle it,” Amy offered.

She affirmed: “I’ve been through enough hell to know I can take a lot of crap from a lot of people.”

Amy then concluded: “But don’t you dare attack my cub.”

Amy Duggar appears in the recent Amazon documentary series Shiny Happy People. (Photo Credit: Amazon)

Truth be told, the mullet is — infamously — one of the worst hairstyles that a human being can choose.

At the same time, some 20-somethings are getting into them thanks to the pernicious influence of TikTok. Ever hear of a “wolf cut?” It’s just a euphemism for mullets and it’s horrifying.

But whether Daxton’s hairstyle is fashionable or not is actually not the point. Whether his hair looks good or not is not the point, either. Which is good, because “or not” is winning in both categories.

Amy Duggar on TLC
Amy Duggar appears here back in the day on TLC. She has been an outspoken critic of her famous family. (Image Credit: TLC)

Whatever we may think of Daxton’s hair, or of Amy as a person, she is 100% right. Yes, really.

He’s 4 years old. It’s his hair. And it’s not harming anyone or anything.

If you try to control how someone manages their hair for their whole life, they’re going to go to college and buzz it off in the dorm hallways because they can finally make their own choice. That’s basically what Britney Spears did back in the day. Amy’s 100% on the money here.