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For several weeks now, social media has been awash with rumors about trouble within Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage.

So allow us to clear the air:

The duke and duchess are almost certainly doing just fine and there’s no convincing evidence that they plan to separate.

But given the recent changes in the Sussexes’ approach to dealing with the press and public, we suppose it’s not surprising that some observers think they’ve hit a rough patch.

As we previously reported, Meghan and Harry have been distancing themselves from one another on a professional level.

Life in the U.S. has not exactly been all peaches and cream for Harry and Meghan. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

They’ve been embarking on solo business ventures — Meghan did not receive a producer credit on Harry’s recent Netflix doc, for example — and appearing in public individually much more often than they used to.

This separation of business interests began when Meghan signed with the famous WME talent agency back in April.

Much was made of the fact that Harry did not sign on with the agency, and the idea to involve Meghan in more solo ventures might have come from her new management team.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend the 2020 UN Nelson Mandela Prize award ceremony at the United Nations in New York on July 18, 2022. (Getty)

Whatever the case, the decision to re-establish themselves as individuals might pay off in the long run, but it’s come at a cost.

For example, it’s now much easier these days for tabloids to sell the narrative that Harry and Meghan are on the verge of divorce.

It doesn’t help that Meghan was recently spotted not wearing her engagement ring, but insiders have repeatedly insisted that she’s just having the ring repaired.

Prince Harry whispers to Meghan Markle as they watch a dance performance by Jukebox Collective in the banqueting hall during a visit to Cardiff Castle on January 18, 2018 in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Now, the press is having a field day with the fact that Meghan attended a Beyoncé concert in LA on Monday, and she was not accompanied by Harry.

Some of the sketchier outlets are citing this as the latest evidence of trouble in paradise.

But it’s a ridiculous claim, as Meghan also attended Beyoncé’s Friday night show at SoFi Stadium, and Harry was right there by her side.

Prince Harry his wife arrive at the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Award Gala at the Hilton Midtown in New York on December 6, 2022. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Sure, he didn’t seem quite as thrilled by the show as Meghan was, but c’mon — the guy is still a member of British Royal Family.

These people are famously allergic to public displays of emotion.

Further undermining the narrative that Harry and Meghan are on the outs is the fact that the couple is currently house-hunting.

Insiders say Harry and Meghan felt snubbed after seeing King Charles’ first official photo. So the couple released a portrait of their own. (Instagram)

And despite reports that the Sussexes are soon to return to the UK with their tails between their legs, Harry and Meghan are only looking at homes in the tonier areas of SoCal.

Multiple outlets are reporting that the duke and duchess have their sights set on an $8 million, 10,000-square-foot beachside mansion in Malibu.

Believe it or not, the new place is actually a little smaller than the couple’s current home in Montecito, which is valued at $14 million.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an appearance at the UN in 2022. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The tabloids had a field day when they learned that Meghan and Harry were planning to put that house up for sale.

But it turns out their motives for selling had nothing to do with marital troubles and everything to do with being closer to LA for the sake of their careers.

Anyway, they say the best revenge is living well.

And if that’s true, Meghan and Harry are dunking on their haters in epic fashion these days!