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There’s been a lot of speculation about the life of Jessa Duggar in recent weeks.

The entire Duggar clan has been under a microscope ever since the premiere of the Amazon Prime documentary Shiny Happy People, but Jessa has been receiving more scrutiny than most of her siblings.

Some are convinced that Jessa and husband Ben Seewald are headed for divorce.

While others are buying into the far more likely rumor that Jessa is pregnant with her fifth child.

Jessa Duggar revealed in February 2023 that she suffered a miscarriage with her fifth child. Truly heart-breaking. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Over the weekend, Jessa posted a YouTube video documenting the birthday party she hosted for her two-year-old daughter, Fern.

And some viewers thought Jessa revealed more than she wanted to with the footage.

“I just saw Blessa’s video on YouTube celebrating Fern’s second birthday. In the beginning, you don’t see her since she’s behind the camera filming,” one Reddit user remarked, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Then there is a shot of her sitting down, in all black, and I couldn’t make out if she was ‘expecting’ or not. She looked thin. Anyone else watch the video? Thoughts?”

“I definitely think so from the video,” another chimed in.

“I feel like I saw a bump and also the way she held her arms. It’s been around 8 months since her loss, so timing checks too,” this person continued.

Jill Duggar helps her daughter Fern prepare for a birthday party. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

“After people ridiculed her after that, I probably wouldn’t announce my pregnancy either,” a third person remarked.

“I’m sure she wouldn’t want the negative energy. She probably thinks it isn’t obvious with the black, but unless I’m seeing a shadow, I think it is.”

Earlier this year, Jessa underwent a life-saving abortion.

Jessa and daughter Fern on the latter’s second birthday. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

She received a lot of outrage following the announcement, as Jessa has been an outspoken anti-choice activist throughout her life.

Critics who derided Jessa as a hypocrite alleged that she didn’t care about potentially life-saving healthcare for other women, but took advantage of her access to that sort of procedure when her own life was in the balance.

Jessa insists that the procedure was not an abortion, and she remains firm in her belief that all abortions should be outlawed at the federal level.

Jessa Duggar posted video of her daughter’s birthday, and many viewers were dismayed at the state of her home. (Photo Credit: YouTube)

On YouTube, many commenters remarked on the state of Jessa’s home, with many remarking that the 1,800-square-foot property appeared “messy” in the video she posted.

We’re guessing very few of these people have ever attempted to wrangle four kids under the age of seven while preparing to host a birthday party.

Whatever the case, the folks who are fixating on Jessa’s “mess” and her alleged baby bump should probably ease off a bit.

Clearly, the woman has a lot on her plate and she’ll address the pregnancy speculation whenever she feels ready to do so.