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Big Ed Brown will be one of the franchise villains on 90 Day: The Last Resort.

For years, each new announcement of his return to the show — on one spinoff or another — has elicited groans and complaints from viewers.

He’s not just a bad partner. Ed clashes with castmates and is an all-around toxic person.

So it’s no surprise that other 90 Day Fiance stars “loathe” him just as much as everyone else. Including fan-favorites Loren and Alexei.

Loren Brovarnik and husband Alexei Brovarnik sit side-by-side while wearing matching black tops. (TLC)

The titular couple of Loren & Alexei: After The 90 Days sat down an episode of the When Reality Hits with Jax and Britney podcast.

Everyone who watches 90 Day Fiance and its small army of spinoffs has opinions. And so do the cast members themselves.

So Loren and Alexei came to face to face with the question of who on the franchise they simply cannot tolerate.

The infamous Big Ed Brown appears alongside his on-again, off-again (a dozen times over) love, Liz Woods in this promotional image for 90 Day: The Last Resort. (TLC)

The answer was simple: Big Ed Brown, who has appeared and reappeared on this franchise to inflict himself upon multiple women — and upon viewers.

“I loathe, loathe him,” Loren stated firmly and relatably.

“He’s so insecure, but not at the same time,” she went on. “Just not a fan and I think everybody’s well aware of it.”

Loren Brovarnik opens her eyes wide as she relates the latest family troubles. (Discovery Plus)

To be clear, neither Loren nor Alexei have suffered the extreme misfortune of having to share a Tell All stage with Ed.

Though they are longtime cast members of the same franchise, production has never forced them to rub elbows.

So they’ve dodged a few bullets.

Ed Brown Admits: I Don't Know If Rosemarie Is Engaged to a Woman!
During 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 4, Big Ed Brown had several nasty surprises for Rosemarie Vega. (TLC)

Ed first appeared on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. That’s only a couple of seasons ago, but it feels like forever.

At that time, the woman whom he was deceiving and insulting was Rosemarie Vega.

He went on to appear on 90 Day: The Single Life, where he set his sights on Liz Woods.

Big Ed Brown Kisses Liz Woods
90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown kisses Liz Woods, known to fans as Liz Marie, in an awkward on-screen moment. (TLC)

Though he dated another woman on that same spinoff, Ed and Liz have gotten together about a dozen times (that we know of).

They appeared together on the latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

During that Tell All, Ed demanded that Liz hand over her engagement ring. Why? Because she hadn’t blindly supported him when he was dead wrong.

Big Ed Brown demands that Liz Woods hand over her engagement ring. This is not the first time that his response to any disagreement has been to humiliate her, but this was a particularly public display of his pathology. (TLC)

That was the same Tell All where Ed was outrageously hostile towards other castmates.

We don’t mean asking questions and challenging people on their answers. That’s part of the Tell All formula. And it’s usually a good thing.

Ed insulted and belittled Jenny Slatten so much that Jovi Dufren, who barely knows Jenny, confronted him over it. Of course, Ed just chanted that Jovi is a “pussy” because he didn’t have a real response. Charming guy.

Tragically, 90 Day: The Last Resort will premiere in the middle of August. Perhaps a meteor will take us all out before then. (TLC)

Now, Ed will return for a new spinoff that no one requested.

90 Day: The Last Resort premieres August 14, and threatens a Marriage Boot Camp-style approach to five couples.

One of those couples will be Ed and Liz. And some grim spoilers suggest that Ed and Liz are getting married, so whatever nonsense went down on the show must have worked. (Or, more likely, poor Liz just doesn’t know how to end this)

Beloved fan-favorite Loren Brovarnik showed off her post-baby body less than half a year following her emergency C-section. (Instagram)

By the way, during that same interview, Loren also acknowledged that she has beef with her former castmates Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno.

They just didn’t vibe. And it didn’t help that Chantel referred to Loren’s Tourette syndrome as her “disease.”

Notably, Chantel and Pedro are very bitterly over. Loren and Alexei remain happily married and have three beautiful children.

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