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Meghan Markle has been having a tough time in recent weeks.

First, she took flak for skipping King Charles’ coronation in order to remain at home with her children.

Shortly thereafter Meghan and Prince Harry were chased by paparazzi in New York City, and various pundits accused the couple of exaggerating their story — or even making it up entirely.

And because PR crises tend to come in threes, that controversy was followed by news that Meghan’s Spotify podcast had been canceled after just one season.

Meghan Markle chats with people inside the Drawing Room during a visit to Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, Wales. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Reps for Meghan insist that the decision was mutual, but industry insiders claim otherwise.

Either way, it’s never a good thing, from a career standpoint, when your high-profile, eight-figure deal with one of the world’s best-known media brands abruptly comes to an end.

Meghan’s “Archetypes” series was years in the making, and it won the Top Podcast award at the People’s Choice Awards.

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Meghan Markle released the first episode of her Archetypes podcast in August of 2022. (Photo Credit: Spotify)

So yeah, it doesn’t seem like the sort of project that the Duchess of Sussex would just casually walk away from.

Whatever the case, the situation has bolstered claims that the Sussexes are in the throes of a major public image crisis.

Harry and Meghan’s approval ratings are at an all-time low, and they’ve been taking heat from some very high-profile critics.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend the 2022 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Ripple of Hope Gala at New York Hilton in New York City. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Most recently, journalist and Spotify exec Bill Simmons, slammed Harry and Markle as “lazy” and “f–king grifters.”

“I wish I had been involved in the ‘Megan and Harry leave Spotify’ negotiation,” Simmons said on a recent episode of his own podcast.

“That’s a podcast we should’ve launched with them. I gotta get drunk one night and tell the story of this Zoom I had with Harry to try to help him with a podcast idea. It’s one of my best stories.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle make an appearance at the UN in 2022. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

According to a new report from Page Six, Meghan has been keeping a low profile in the days since the cancelation news went public.

She emerged on Wednesday for a hair appointment, and the mother of two was described as looking “glum” and “downcast.”

It’s not hard to see why Meg might be feeling a bit despondent these days.

Meghan Markle is seen ahead of her visit with Prince Harry to the iconic Titanic Belfast during their trip to Northern Ireland in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The same report featured a quote from a Spotify insider in which Meghan and Harry were described as “lazy and difficult.”

“Spotify wants to focus on people who drive strong audiences, like Alex Cooper, Dax Shepard and Emma Chamberlain. There are a lot of great creators who are very eager,” the source explained.

“Meghan and Harry are the outlier on all of this, I think they have come off as being lazy and difficult.”

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Insiders say Harry and Meghan felt snubbed after seeing King Charles’ first official photo. So the couple released a portrait of their own. (Instagram)

Meghan is no stranger to being savaged by the British tabloids, but she’s likely not accustomed to receiving this sort of flak from the American press.

There are many ways in which she can turn things around, of course.

But she’ll need to plot her next move carefully