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Ryan Edwards has put Maci Bookout through hell in recent years — as he has with just about everyone in his life.

But as much as she might prefer to cut ties with her troubled ex entirely, Maci still has a kid with Ryan, and that kid wants to have a relationship with his dad.

Ryan is currently in jail, having been arrested several times in the first few months of 2023 (and many, many more times prior to this year).

He appeared in court on Tuesday to be arraigned on four new charges, and Maci was there to show her support.

This is another Ryan Edwards mug shot. We’ve lost track how many it’s been now for him. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

Ryan will soon stand trial for violating his probation and harassing his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

He’s also been charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of DUI.

The latter two charges stem from an incident that took place in April, when Ryan overdosed and was found by police, passed out in his running car.

Asked why she decided to attend the hearing, Maci replied that she did so with her son’s best interests in mind.

Maci Bookout is extremely close with her eldest child, Bentley. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

“As Bentley’s mom it was important for me to show up for not only Ryan, but Bentley as well,” Bookout told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup.

Also in attendance were Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry Edwards, both of whom made regular appearances during Ryan’s years on Teen Mom.

Jen took the stand to address the court on her son’s behalf.

Ryan Edwards on MTV
Ryan has been accused violating wife Mackenzie’s restraining order. (Photo Credit: MTV)

A worker from CADAS, a Chattanooga rehab center where Ryan once sought treatment, also served as a character witness.

“The CADAS rep asked for a furlough for Ryan to go to the rehab when it has a bed available,” a courtroom witness tells The Ashley.

“They also want him to begin Vivitrol shots within two weeks of him arriving at the rehab.”

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo
Ryan Edwards is bugging out about something in this photo. It’s from an episode of Teen Mom. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Vivitrol is an intravenous anti-addiction medication meant to curb cravings in patients who are detoxing from alcohol, opioids, and other drugs.

Clearly, the rehab staffer is of the opinion that Ryan will no longer be a threat to himself or others if he’s able to kick the addictions that have plagued him throughout his adult life.

But it might be hard to convince a judge of that.

Edwards, Ryan (Teen Mom)
Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG fame. (Photo Credit: MTV)

After all, Ryan has been arrested more than a dozen times, and he’s checked into treatment centers on numerous occasions.

Edwards was ordered to rehab by a judge earlier this year, but he bailed on the treatment program after just a few days.

So it’s unlikely that Ryan will be given a second chance at the rehab option.

Ryan Edwards MTV Photo
Ryan Edwards has had many brushes with the law. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Even if the judge were in a particularly forgiving mood, Edwards has already been sentenced to a year in jail for trashing the house where he used to live with Mackenzie.

He’ll likely be forced to complete that sentence before any other options can be considered.

And then there’s the matter of the many other crimes he’s been charged with …

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as new information becomes available.

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