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Janelle Brown knows she has a challenge in front of her.

But the Sister Wives star thinks she’s up for it — and then some.

On Wednesday via Instagram, the 53-year old documented the process of setting up her RV with her 22-year-old son Gabe.

Brown had told followers earlier this week that her future living arrangement would center around this residential type of vehicle.

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“I came up to hook up my trailer,” the TLC personality explained in the Instagram video.

She added that she and her son were “learning a lot about power adapters connecting your trailer to the power.”

Admitted Janelle:

“All of you RVers out there are going to be laughing your head off at me. But you know what, this is what’s about figuring it out and not getting defeated and just getting it done.”

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In an inspirational video, Janelle Brown counseled Sister Wives fans on how to be their own heroes. (Image Credit: Instagram)

Janelle split from Kody Brown a few months ago, having finally grown sick and tired of his selfish and mysogynistic ways.

“You have to just be brave and do this,” Janelle added in her latest piece of footage, referring, yes, to the RV.

But also making a clear statement about starting fresh after the end of her spiritual union.

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Looking great! Janelle Brown has a very cute smirk on her face in this photo of the Sister Wives star.

In the caption of the social media post, Janelle expanded on the importance of not being afraid to try new things.

“Everyone has to start at the beginning! With the basics,” she wrote. “When I was in the RV last time we were boon-docking so everything, even hooking up this trailer to ‘hook-ups’ is new.”

Janelle continued as follows:

“I have a sneaky perfectionist inside me that is always yelling at me ‘if you don’t look like you know what you are doing , either don’t do it or fake it.’ Do you hear yourself telling stories like that in your head?”

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Janelle Brown gives the camera a smile in this scenic photo.

Janelle hasn’t said much in public about her break-up.

She has offered up the occasional words of wisdom to fans online, however.

In this new case, the reality star concluded the caption by sharing with her followers that “it’s ok to be vulnerable, coachable, teachable and curious.”

“Some day I’ll have this down and can be the expert,” she added.

“I know many of you who already have learned the lessons, are probably getting a good chuckle. That’s ok!”

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It certainly sounds as if Janelle is ready to move on, and we surely hope this is the case.

According to a recent Sun report, though, there’s at least some chance she’d consider getting back together with Kody.

“Kody could very simply have at least half of his family back,” an insider claimed last month to this outlet, adding by way of further explanation:

“Meri and Janelle would take him back if he was a changed man.

“It would take a lot of work to fix their problems, rebuild the family and move on peacefully, but he is optimistic.”

Thankfully, this is unlikely to ever happen. Because we all know Kody won’t ever change.”