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As you likely know by now, Christine Brown is engaged.

She has agreed to marry David Woolley and we’re so very, very happy for her.

Conversely, we’re now hearing a rumor that a couple of Christine’s former sister wives may also be close to making a romantic committment.

But it doesn’t leave us feeling happy in any way, shape or form.

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According to a report in The Sun, Meri Brown and Janelle Brown are not totally done with their selfish ex-spouse just yet.

“Kody could very simply have at least half of his family back,” an insider claims to this outlet, adding by way of further explanation:

“Meri and Janelle would take him back if he was a changed man.

“It would take a lot of work to fix their problems, rebuild the family and move on peacefully, but he is optimistic.”

Back in January, Meri and Kody announced that they were terminating their marriage … following many years of being in a loveless union that Meri prayed would change someday.

“After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship,” they said at the time.

“During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other and to all members of our family,” concluded the exes today.

“We are also committed to the continued healing of any and all relationships with the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace, and love.”

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Meri Brown doesn’t need Kody in her life to be happy! Just look at this gorgeous photo.

Janelle’s exit from her spiritual marriage was a tad less formal.

In December, she more subtly indicated that she and Kody had separated — following several months’ worth of tension largely brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and Kody’s strict protocols he tried to enforce among family members in response.

She has subsequently said, however, that she might be open to a reconciliation.

“I think it could be there, but it would require so much change on both of our parts, that I don’t know,” she said in January of re-opening the marital door.

“And part of me thinks, okay, my religion requires you continue to make a marriage work, and I deeply believe in my faith…

“I don’t want him to come back, but my faith requires we are married eternally.”

The Sun source, meanwhile, further said this week that one significant thing Kody would need to fix is being “more open” with his exes and “communicating.”

“Everyone’s too afraid to make the first move. Kody’s too frustrated and angry,” the newspaper alleges of why all sides are still apart.

“He’s not doing well and the choices he has been making have been terrible.”

As for how Robyn might feel if Meri or Janelle were actually brought back into the polygamous household?

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

Kody’s only legal wife is on record as saying she’s used to polygamy and sort of doesn’t want Kody all to herself.

“I don’t know what to do with it. It’s messing with my identity…It’s not the future I wanted,” Robyn said in the wake of her three sister wives all walking out the door.

Hence, according to The Sun, of her response to the rekindling of any former flames by Kody?

“She’s kind of encouraging this.”