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We know two things at the moment about Sister Wives Season 18:

ONE: It has been greenlit by TLC.

TWO: It will look VERY different than past seasons of the reality show.

The reason why should be obvious for anyone entertainment news followers…

… Kody Brown no longer has any sister wives.

Christine Brown left her unhealthy marriage in November 2021. Then Janelle Brown did the same about a year later. And then Meri Brown followed (non) romantic suit in January 2023.

How can there even be a Sister Wives Season 18 in the face of such upheaval?

“How does the family actually work after somebody leaves? How do we manage the divorce with still having sister wives?” Christine said to Variety this week in a feature about the unique series and the challenge it will now face.

Viewers will get to see how spouses “get divorced and work on their relationships with their exes and learn how to take care of kids together.”

Sister Wives showrunner Chris Poole also spoke to this outlet, confirming that plenty of footage has been shot already for upcoming episodes.

“Christine leaving the family was a massive event that really shook up the entire family. But we’ve shot quite a bit of footage since then,” explained Poole of what fans can expect.

“It continues to be just as interesting and dramatic because, as much as Christine’s left, Kody is still the father of her children.

“They still have to interact and figure that out.”

For her part, Christine is now engaged to David Woolley.

From what we understand, cameras were on hand when Woolley proposed to the mother of six, prompting us to strongly assume that he’ll be featured on Season 18.

Which may explain the following quote from Christine to Variety:

“We’re all still a family. Hopefully it just gets less awkward.”

Kody hasn’t yet commented on Christine’s engagement.

He did admit in March, however, that he and Robyn are basically monogamous, which means we will NOT see a new sister wife this fall.

The thing is, according to a previous report, Kody made the effort to add a new partner a few weeks ago.

Back in early February, The Sun reported that Kody and Robyn actually met up in Mexico with a potential sister wife.

Kody Brown does more of his trademark ranting on Sister Wives.

Pauline Bithell, co-host of the Tender Loving Care…? podcast, said at the time TLC cameras actually captured footage of the culmination of a courtship that started in late 2022.

“They were actively seeking this woman through dating websites, which they claim they’ve never done before,” said Bithell in regard to Kody and Robyn.

The potential spouse was reportedly in her 20s, had never been involved in the polygamous lifestyle in America and is South American.

After spending time with Kody and Robyn down south, however, the woman supposedly felt “uncomfortable” and “told production she wanted to go home and didn’t want to continue filming.”

Kody and Robyn Brown don’t look especially thrilled to be sitting and talking to the Sister Wives camera here, do they?

The podcast host continued back then:

“Apparently, my source tells me that this woman wanted zero to do with Kody and Robyn. She was pretty much wanting to get out of the situation immediately.

“My source said that she was very uncomfortable with the whole situation. She said she didn’t like their energy.”

Yes, readers, this hilarious situation will reportedly be depicted on Season 18.

We can’t wait!

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