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A lot is going on with Amy Slaton these days.

The 1000-lb Sisters star is going through a divorce and also must stay a great distance away from her estranged husband… based on a recent ruling by a judge in Kentucky.

But fans of the TLC personality were focused on something else entirely late last week after Amy posted a new video to TikTok.

We grabbed the following photo from it:

1000-Lb. Sisters fans shocked as they spot ‘major change’ to Amy Slaton’s appearance in new TikTok (asking if she’s got gold teeth, think it’s just the filter).

Slaton captioned the footage “Jamming with my nephew,” as it featured the mother of two sitting in a moving vehicle and bopping along to the Britney Spears classic “Oops!… I Did It Again.”

Amy placed a filter over the video, which smoothed her skin and gave a long eyelash effect.

She was clearly just having fun on this very popular social media platform.

But then one person asked “Are u wearing gold teeth?” — and an entire debate subsequently raged on in the comments section.

Amy Slaton is ready to take on the world. She’s pictured here on social media just days after her marriage ended.

Some folks out there simply chalked up Slaton’s unusual appearance to the aforementioned filter, while others think her teeth have turned yellow.

We can’t say for certain in either direction.

But we’d have to imagine that the filter is mainly to blame.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, Slaton’s personal life has been under a microscope for a couple months now.

Remember these happier times??? Amy and her husband Michael are no longer a couple.

In recently-submitted court papers, Amy told a judge that her husband Michael has been emotionally abusive and overly controlling.

“The night of 2/24/23 he got mad that I went to take the kids with my sister to eat,” Amy added in her filing this winter, detailing an explosive argument between the spouses.

Amy also alleged Michael was “too violent” around young sons Gage and Glenn.

The 1000-lb Sisters lead wrote:

“When disciplining the boys he hits too hard. He pulls them by the arm.

“[He] won’t give me money for our eight-month-old. He makes me do everything with the house, boys, and has no job.”

Frightening stuff, wouldn’t you say?

On March 7, Michael denied all of Amy’s claims of domestic violence.

He did admit to the aforementioned exchange, and then days later Michael was surprisingly the one to file for divorce.

Speaking to the cops who responded to her 911 call, Slaton said Michael “became violent” during their fight and started “throwing things” with the pair’s two young sons at home.

Neither she nor Michael have really said anything in public (with one small exception) about the fracas or about their impending divorce in general.

We’ll continue to conduct research and will keep readers apprised of all things Amy Slaton as the spring and summer roll on.

Remember, though:

TLC cameras will soon start filming the second half of 1,000-lb Sisters Season 4.

We can’t wait!