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Late last month, actress Amanda Bynes was found wandering the streets naked after suffering a mental breakdown.

She was placed on a psychiatric hold and admitted to a mental health facility for treatment and observation.

Such psych holds generally only last for three days, but they can be renewed in cases where hospital staff and the patient’s family agree that additional treatment is required.

Now, TMZ is reporting that three weeks after she was initially admitted, Amanda is still receiving inpatient care at a Los Angeles hospital.

Amanda Bynes Wants Out
Amanda Bynes recently ended her conservatorship. The former child star was under her parents’ control for the past nine years. (Photo via Instagram)

The good news is, it appears that Bynes has consented to remain at the facility, even though she is no longer required to do so by a psychiatric hold.

Additionally, insiders say Amanda is aware that she will need to continue with treatment after she is released from the hospital.

Bynes is reportedly working with hospital staff to formulate a plan for outpatient care for when she checks out.

Amanda Bynes in 2020
Amanda Bynes is back on Instagram. The former actress seems to be doing well, but fans are still a bit confused by her comeback post. (Photo via Instagram)

One optimistic insider says that Amanda might be ready to be released as early as this week.

News of the actress’ latest setback came as a blow to fans, many of whom said they were inspired by the progress that Bynes has shown over the past year.

Amanda spent most of her adult life under a conservatorship controlled by her parents.

Amanda Bynes' Tattoo Removal Pic
Amanda Bynes is opening up about her painful past. The former child star says her experiences in Hollywood had a lasting impact on her self-esteem. (Photo via Instagram)

Bynes was released from her conservatorship in March of 2022, a move that was fully supported by her family.

Sadly, one year later — almost to the day — a naked and frightened Amanda was forced to flag down a car and request a ride to a police station after she became disoriented in downtown LA.

It’s still unclear exactly what happened, but Bynes might have been living on the streets for several days before she finally found help.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo
Amanda Bynes recently revealed a face tattoo. The reaction to the ink has been overwhelmingly negative, and some fans are concerned for her mental health. (Photo via Instagram)

Neither Amanda nor her loved ones have commented on the events that led up to her hospitalization.

But while we don’t know much about the situation, the reports that have leaked out have been mostly encouraging.

It sounds like Amanda is on the upswing and will soon be back to a mostly-independent state.

Amanda Bynes joins Instagram
Amanda Bynes has joined Instagram and she is showing off her new pink hair and nose ring! (Photo via Instagram)

The process will likely be a slow one, but Amanda seems to be surrounded by supportive people, and insiders say she’s more than willing to put in the work.

We wish her all the best on her road to recovery.