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It doesn’t take a longtime scrutinizer of 90 Day Fiance to see that The Other Way is giving Kris Foster a bad edit.

Not a villain edit — not yet, anyway — but editing choices are highlighting her existing quirks and emphasizing them to viewers.

We know from the season’s previews that there are some ugly moments coming between Kris and Jeymi. They have only just met in person and their wedding is days away, so is this stress … or a breakup?

It looks like we have our answer, thanks to a spoiler.

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Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera met in person just nine days before their wedding. That is … pretty intense.

They had to find out if they are sexually compatible. Frankly, they also need to figure out if they can stand sharing a roof. You can love someone but never, ever want to live with them.

And, as we have seen already even though we are very early in the season, they are learning a lot about each other.

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But there is more to learning about each other than Kris’ mint allergy or Jeymi’s unilateral decision to get a more expensive apartment.

In the promos ahead of Season 4, we saw the two have what appears to be an ugly spat.

We do not know the context. The decor, however, could mark this as their wedding day, or just before.

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One day, we will know more — though perhaps never quite all — of the context for that spat.

In the mean time, these two are one of the couples that trailers have most suggested will end in tatters. (The other being Debbie and Oussama, because … obviously)

Ready for a spoiler about Kris and Jeymi? Because, at first glance, it’s incredibly misleading.

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“This is a parking lot of nothing but food trucks!!” Kris shared on Instagram this week.

“Absolutely have to go here if I’m [in] Bogota!!” she shared. “That’s where most those pics of food I just posted came from. Such a cool place.”

Wait, “if I’m [in] Bogota” … ? So Kris is saying that she’s no longer there in the city where she planned to live permanently?

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“I thought you permanently moved to Bogota!” one commenter asked, repeating what we are all thinking.

“That comment should have said if you are in bogota,” Kris admitted. And then she spilled the beans.

“But,” she continued, “I have a few responsibilities in alabama that will keep me going back and forth from now on.”

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At first, it sounded like Kris was sharing that she was back in Alabama on a permanent basis.

Or that she and Jeymi were still together but not currently living their happily ever after together. Alternatively, that they were simply no longer in Bogota.

Then, we saw Kris’ explanation in the replies.

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If we take this at face value, as we likely should, this means that Kris and Jeymi are together but not living together full time.

We all saw that Kris had more work ahead of her before she caught her flights to Colombia.

It is likely that she is taking care of property and perhaps family during her trips back home.

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There is always a chance that Kris is just making something up to keep people guessing, but that seems unlikely.

What seems much more likely is that she has annoyed at least one producer with this slip-up.

No, she didn’t confirm whether she and Jeymi are still together. But she might as well have.