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Gwendlyn Brown is back with another candid take on her famous father.

Or perhaps her infamous father, we should write.

Over the past several weeks, the 21-year old daughter of Kody and Christine Brown has used her YouTube channel to mostly put her dad on blast.

Back in December, she even jokingly thanked her parents for splitting up because it made her sort of well-known.

Ever since, Gwendlyn has used this popularity to take Sister Wives fans behind the scenes a little bit.

On Friday, for example, the occasional reality star had an emotional reaction to a televised moment (that aired on Season 17) that featured Kody welcoming his youngest children — Ariella and Solomon, whom he shares with Robyn — home from their first day of school.

“It’s terrible that I’m making this about myself, but it hurts so much to see him be a good father to others when I didn’t really get that much,” Gwendlyn said in response while fighting back tears late last week.

“I’m so happy they have a good father or from what it looks like to be a good father and an active father.”

Brown previously said Kody “chose” Robyn over other family members.

At this point, of course, Robyn is Kody’s only spouse… as Christine dumped his selfish rear end in November 2021; Janelle did the same just over a year later; and Meri was basically forced to walk away from her spiritual husband just this past January.

“I don’t remember coming home from kindergarten or anything and seeing my dad being happy that I ate all my lunch, or that I made a friend at school, [it] was always my mom,” Gwen continued in her latest YouTube video.

Regarding the aforementioned Sister Wives scene and Robyn’s kids specifically?

“It sucks that he was not there so much, but I’m happy for them,” she added.

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Kody has pushed back on the following statement for awhile, but nearly all Sister Wives viewers believe he has always loved Robyn more than the other women in his life.

This favoritism clearly had an impact on Gwendlyn.

She said a couple months ago that she doesn’t “really [doesn’t] like her as a person” when a follower brought the topic of Robyn up during a Q&A.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Gwendlyn said her dad abused her.

“I remember personally being bruised a few times [when] my Dad would spank me,” Brown admitted, adding that her father would sometimes punish her by throwing her into the air.

Late last year, to be fair, though, Gwndlyn did at least tell the public that Kody may have learned a thing or two since cameras stopping rolling on Season 17.

“He’s really healing and I’m really proud of him,” she said back then.

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Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

Concluded Gwendlyn on this point:

“I think the strain of him having so many wives and forcing himself to believe in something he wasn’t really for kind of made him more of an upset, unhappy person.

“But he’s really healing.

“He’s getting a lot better.”